Covid: Vaccine will not be compulsory

Published by Manon C., Cécile D. · Published on 3 December 2020 at 20h41
During his November 24, 2020's address, Emmanuel Macron promises vaccination will not be compulsory in France. This December 3, during the weekly press brief, Olivier Véran also announced that "patients' free choice" will be "respected".

Even though there is so far no Covid-19 vaccine, everyone is wondering: should the upcoming vaccine against Covid-19 be mandatory? We must say that the recent statements from laboratories as to their candidate vaccines have sparked hope and tend to show light at the end of the tunnel over the globe.

During his televised address on November 24, 2020, French President Macron confirmed vaccine will be soon available in France and Europe. A first vaccination campaign targeting the most vulnerable individulas - such as elderly people - is expected to start very soon.

Mr Marcon explained "the health authorities with the State, local communities, will define the practical arrangements for the deployment of vaccines with hospitals, retirement homes". He adds steps will be shared to make sure as many people as possible get vaccinated. The President also promised: "vaccination will not be compulsory".

Statements confirmed this December 3, 2020 by Jean Castex during his press brief mainly focusing on France's vaccine strategy and the reasoning behind it. "We will initiate nothing without the prior consultation from Health authorities on each vaccine. I hear reluctance, fears expressed by each one of you. Each one of us has to be able to get vaccinated by their homes, by a health professional they trust" he explains.

Health Minister Olivier Véran added: "Three principles will be respected: patients' free choice, free vaccine, safety. Vaccination has to be made by the rules. No one will be forced to get vaccinated".

This news is to reassure many citizens, that were rather dubious towards early vaccines in France. According to a recent Ipsos survey – released on November 5 – 54% of the French surveyed say they would accept to be inoculated if there was a Covid-19 vaccine available. A decreasing number, this back in August, 59% of them said they were. Furthermore, France is one of the surveyed countries where inhabitants are the more reticent to get vaccinated.

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