Paris Olympics: from €24 to €950, Paris 2024 Olympics ticket price revealed

Published by Cécile D. · Photos by Rizhlaine F. · Published on 25 July 2022 at 20h10
This July 25, 2022, the Organization Committee of the Olympic Games 2024 unveiled major news as for the Paris Olympics ticketing service. Tickets will cost between €24 and €950!

In two years and one day, all eyes will be set on Paris for the opening of the 2024 Olympics! A very highly anticipated event, especially by Parisians who are eager to attend this high-level competition. Within a metro or RER ride, Île-de-France inhabitants will be able to head to the different 2024 Olympic venues to attend challenges and support their champions.

Sport fans will have to keep an eye on the event’s ticketing service, hoping they will get a ticket for the competition of their choice. And on that matter, the Organization Committee of the Olympic Games (OCOG) shared news.

This Monday July 25, 2022, the OCOG delivered details about the ticketing service, the price of tickets and how to get the precious door openers.

The ticketing service officially opens on December 1, 2022: it involves lottery. You can sign up and hope for your name to be drawn between late January and early February 2023. In a press release, Paris 2024 adds that if you want to be in the stands of Paris 2024, you shall “join the Club Paris 2024 and increase your chances of getting a ticket. Join the Club today and maximize your chances of getting a ticket”.

Single ticket sale is to start but not before May 2023. Tickets for the opening and closing ceremonies will go on sale from May too. The ticketing service for the Paralympics is set to open in the Fall 2023.

In all, 13 million tickets will go on sale, including three million for Paralympics. These tickets are coveted by a lot of French people and millions of Olympic tourists across the world. It will be a harsh competition and a lot of people will stay on the sidelines.

And the price of tickets can also be an obstacle to supporters’ enthusiasm! The OCOG said rates will go from €24… to €950!

The ticketing service is a third of the benefits in the overall balance of the Games. This is a key element to balance for, to balance our budget, we have to generate about 1.1 billion euros of ticketing profits. But we do not want this stake to be at the cost of accessibility. We have been looking for a model saving it. Hence a million tickets for 24 euros in all disciplines. 50% of tickets will cost 100 euros or less, and a bit over 90% will be under 200 euros”, OCOG secretary Michaël Aloïso told Le Figaro.

But, for the most popular challenges, like the 100-meter final or the swimming final, or even the male basketball tournament, rates of tickets may climb up to 950 euros.

New in 2024: supporters can buy ticket packs for three events. These packs, sold for 72 euros will be entirely “customized base on a very wide choice of sessions. All sports will be available in all locations. Some people can get a Marseille pack with two sailing sessions and a soccer game. Or if they are in Yvelines, one can get a home pack with golf, horse-riding and mountain biking”, ticketing service manager Capucine Bernet guarantees.

One thing is sure: one will have to wake up early for the opening of the ticketing service to get a chance to get a ticket…

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