Spartrack-VR, the immersive VR shooting game at La Défense CNIT

Espace Team Break, used to offer quality escape games, welcomes a very fascinating VR experience. Entitled Spartrack-VR, this experience invites laser game enthusiasts to challenge robot enemies of planet Firos at La Défense CNIT.

When laser game meets virtual reality… This is what proposes Spartrack-VR with a brand-new immersive game at La Défense CNIT, in the Espace Team Break, open since May 21, 2018. But don’t expect another escape game thought up by the kings of the business… Here, your shooting skills are strongly appreciated since it’s an immersive and collaborative game in VR inspired by laser game and offering players a total freedom of movement in a large and defined space so that they can interact with one another and evolve together. It’s the complete opposite of Flyview, the VR experience where the space is limited to a jetpack.

How does it work? Players are equipped with “a virtual reality helmet, a portable IT system, an electronic rifle and sensors on the hands and feet” and they have to complete a mission with their squad. The room where players will have to evolve is also equipped with trackers, allowing to position the moving group in the game and synchronize everybody for the best collaboration possible. After being briefed and all booted up, groups of maximum 8 players will have to try and find the black box on planet Firos, as well as a scientific team that has been missing since the communications have been shut down with the Earth, while fighting robots.

Spartrack-VR au CNIT de La DéfenseSpartrack-VR au CNIT de La DéfenseSpartrack-VR au CNIT de La DéfenseSpartrack-VR au CNIT de La Défense

An experience the editorial board tried and quite enjoyed: immersive environment, immediate virtual/reality synchronization, instinctive handle… Everything is done so that it’s easy for the player who’s happy to kill dino robots and other flying insects. Small bonus for gamers who should find themselves in the handling ability of the weapon and can even mark some good scores. And for those who are sick after using a VR helmet too long, may you be rest assured: “with latest generation high-tech fear, a latency is very low and thanks to the adapted conception, Spartrack-VR doesn’t cause motion sickness”, the experience creators explain in a release. No more excuse to try virtual reality, especially if the experience lasts about thirty minutes, including 15 minutes of game in VR! Shall we go then, friends?

Laurent P.
Last updated on 24 May 2018

Practical information


2 Place de la Défense
92800 Puteaux

La Défense

Tarif par personne pour une session: 20 €

Recommended age
From 12 to 99 years old

Average duration
30 min

Official website


More information
Ouvert tous les jours de 10h à 23h. Réservation obligatoire sur le site. Accès au niveau -1

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