Koh-Lanta 2024, the immunity hunters: date, candidates, we tell you everything!

Published by My de Sortiraparis · Published on February 8th, 2024 at 11:09 p.m.
Koh-Lanta 2024, les Chasseurs d'Immunité kicks off in February on TF1. This season promises revolutionary immunity necklaces and a line-up of 20 captivating candidates - we tell you all about it!

Koh-Lanta, the legendary survival game, is back with a vengeance in 2024 with a new season entitled Les Chasseurs d'immunité. This edition, broadcast from February 13, 2024 on TF1, promises to be more exciting than ever. Denis Brogniart will once again be at the helm, guiding the candidates through this extraordinary adventure.

This year, production has introduced a major new feature: more immunity necklaces with new powers. These invaluable assets, which can turn the tide of the game, will be hidden in unsuspected places. Candidates will have to redouble their cunning and perseverance to discover them, guided by clues scattered throughout the adventure.

This edition's20 adventurers will not only have to face the classic Koh-Lanta challenges - survival in a hostile environment, physical and strategic tests, managing alliances and betrayals - but also understand and make good use of these new immunity necklaces. This will add an extra layer of strategy to an already complex game.

For those new to Koh-Lanta (you never know, maybe you've been in hiding for the last 23 years), let's remember that it's a survival game, where participants are divided into teams and must hold their own in extreme conditions, while taking part in challenges to win rewards and immunity. Elimination is by vote among competitors, and the last survivor wins.

Among the participants, we find a variety of profiles such as a craftsman, a cheese-maker, a cab driver, a banker, an engineer and a boxing instructor. This diversity is intended to make it easier for viewers to identify with one of the candidates.

A few names stand out, including Mégane, Amri, Alicia, Alexis, Aurélien and Cécile. Each of them, with their unique backgrounds, promises to bring a special dynamism to this edition. Production has intentionally chosen a cast less focused on extreme sports profiles to offer an experience more representative of the general population.

This new approach, which includes both highly athletic candidates and others less oriented towards sport, such as David, a butcher, and Steve, enriches the strategic and relational aspect of the show. In addition, candidates such as Océane and Mégane, who are excellent swimmers, and Jean and Sébastien, both carpenters, bring their specific skills to this survival competition.

With ages ranging from the youngest, Alexis, in his twenties, to the oldest, Nathalie, 55, the 2024 Koh-Lanta season promises an interesting mix of experiences and perspectives. This configuration is designed to create a unique alchemy between the various participants and offer a season rich in twists and strategies.

The portraits of the 2024 candidates are now available to the public. Each participant brings his or her own unique character, skills and strategy, promising a season full of twists and turns.

The 20 candidates in the running for this 2024 season:

  • Alicia, 23 - Company director (Ain): A swimming pool construction company director, Alicia is described as tenacious, proud, direct and stubborn.

  • Cécile, 41 - Restaurant location manager (Hauts-de-Seine ): Cécile is seen as an epicurean city girl with a reputation for being a go-getter, and is keen to change the image her friends and family have of her.

  • Émilie, 45 - Telephony saleswoman (Aude): Émilie, mother of three, is a hardened competitor and French bikini fitness champion in 2015.

  • Julie, 37 - Taxi driver (Nièvre): An independent cab driver and fighter, Julie enters Koh Lanta to prove that effort is always rewarded.

  • Léa, 40 - Human Resources Manager (Hauts-de-Seine): After a family bereavement, Léa has chosen to see the positive in everything and have fun.

  • Mégane, 28 - Automotive saleswoman (Moselle): An automotive saleswoman, Mégane is a talented former swimmer determined to succeed.

  • Nathalie, 55 - Digital transition consultant (Paris): Nathalie, a consultant in Paris, relies on her interpersonal skills to get ahead in the game.

  • Océane, 35 - Real estate company manager (Allier): Mother and manager, Océane wants to live an adventure for herself and prove her ability to take on challenges.

  • Pauline, 29 - Cheesemaker (Haute-Garonne): A happy cheesemaker, Pauline hides a strong character behind a gentle exterior.

Portrait of the adventurers :

Portrait of the adventurers:

We can't wait for this new season to get underway and find out how these new immunity necklaces will influence the dynamics of the game, and how the candidates will adapt to these changes. Stay tuned to TF1 on February 13, 2024 to make sure you don't miss out on this exceptional adventure, which is already shaping up to be unforgettable.

In short, Koh-Lanta 2024, les Chasseurs d'Immunité is ready to captivate you with its innovations and promising cast. Get ready to experience intense moments and support your favorite candidates in this epic adventure!

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