FlashInvaders, the free application for a street art hunt in Paris

Published by Margot de Sortiraparis · Published on April 28th, 2023 at 11:50 a.m.
Walks in Paris are cool, but in the end, it's a bit the same all the time: you walk from a point A to a point B, you stop in a square for a snack, you take some pictures and then you go back home. So, here is an application to make all (yes, yes) your walks in Paris a playful moment, by going on an artistic treasure hunt but above all, playful.

Catch them all! This afternoon, we're going on a treasure hunt, or at least a street art hunt, all over Paris. We don't have to introduce you anymore the Invaders, these works of street art that we regularly meet in Paris: above the sign indicating the name of a street, on a high wall, just above a sign...

Made of mosaic, they have a design that quickly reminds that of the video game Minecraft, as if the images were ultra pixelated: these small interventions of street art in urban space are the work ofInvader, the artist who gave his name to his small mosaics: in Paris, just turn your head and open your eye to see one of them, perched at a street corner.

In the capital, there are hundreds of Invaders: in all the districts, near major national monuments, in more secret places, with some Invaders in the suburbs too. So, theFlashInvaders application proposes you to go... hunting for Invaders! Yes, you just have to download it, for iPhone or Android , and then flash each Invader you meet on your way to collect points. To help you, a map references all the Invaders in the capital, so you know where to start! It's an opportunity to make a free and fun outing, which clearly appeals to children, but above all, to make a stroll with your family, friends or even as a couple more fun, while walking around Paris.

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