Tango y Tango, the show that makes you feel like you're in Argentina, at Théâtre Marigny

Published by Philippine de Sortiraparis, Margot de Sortiraparis · Published on May 27th, 2024 at 06:00 p.m.
Tango y Tango returns to the Théâtre Marigny from May 16 to June 13, 2024. A show mixing dance, love and desire, set in the streets of Buenos Aires.

With Tango y Tango, we're on the verge of immersion and travel, heading for South America and more specifically Buenos Aires, Argentina's ultra-dynamic capital. With tango, the traditional Argentine dance, at the heart of the story, the show tells the story of modern-day Buenos Aires. The show runs at the Théâtre Marigny from May 16 to June 13, 2024.

A variety of stories are played out on the spruced-up dance floor. Here, couples provoke each other, seek each other out, challenge each other, love each other. Juan dances, Jeanne would like to learn, Ada sings. All three evolve, with tango as a common thread, meeting each other and turning each other's lives upside down. But they also tell the story of their country, its wars, its military dictatorship, its revolutions, painting a portrait of a land that seems so far away.

The show is directed by Marcial Di Fonzo Bo, who tells the story of his hometown through the emblematic dance of Argentina. He is accompanied by Santiago Amigorena, the writer and director, who tells the story of Argentina, with its joys and horrors, its defeats and victories, and Philippe Cohen Solal, who composes the original music. Throughout the show, actors Elodie Menant, Helena Noguerra, Rodolfo de Souza, Julio Zuria, Mauro Caiazza, Sabrina Amuchastegui and dancers Fernando Andrés Rodríguez, Estefanía Belén Gómez, Juan Cupini, Carla Dominguez, Aurélie Gallois, Anne le Pape and Patricio Bonfiglio transport you to the far-flung lands ofArgentina.

Our review:

A beautiful tribute to tango and Buenos Aires! In a magnificent dance performance, we are transported to Argentina, to a bar in Buenos Aires. As we follow the past story of a lost love, splendid tango chirography unfolds before us. We were impressed by the talent of the dancers, the sharpness of their movements and the difficulty of their acrobatics.

Helena Noguerra and Élodie Menant carry us away with their magnificent voices, almost making us forget that we're in a Paris theater. The staging is also interesting, with a curtain projecting images of Argentina, while we award the actors behind it. Perhaps we'd have liked to see less film footage, but more dance without the curtain in front. In any case, the show is a must-see if you love dance and music. It's an opportunity to immerse yourself in the delicious world of Buenos Aires milongas.

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
From May 16th, 2024 to June 13th, 2024

× Approximate opening times: to confirm opening times, please contact the establishment.


    Carré Marigny
    75008 Paris 8

    Tarif réduit: €14 - €30
    Tarif plein: €40

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