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Published by Manon de Sortiraparis · Photos by Manon de Sortiraparis · Published on February 12th, 2024 at 04:37 p.m.
Set up in La Caserne, Ora offers a genuine gourmet experience with a culinary show by chef Saayaan, who magnifies vegetables in edible paintings drawn right on the table.

If you're still too easily convinced that vegetarian cuisine is boring, uninteresting and lacking in flavor, then here's a new restaurant that should definitely change the minds of even the most averse to meat-free cuisine.

The ORA restaurant has changed address... but the new address has yet to be revealed. Stay tuned for more details soon!

Housed in a discreet former fire station, soberly named La Caserne since it became a space dedicated to eco-responsible fashion, Ora is the vegetarian, ethical and festive canteen dreamed up by Entourage Paris, already behind several bars and restaurants in the capital.

Restaurant OraRestaurant OraRestaurant OraRestaurant Ora

Here, the watchword is simple: make vegetarian cuisine gourmet and appealing, and prove A+B that it's sexier than ever. To this end, Chef Saayaan has devised a veritable culinary show. Every evening, the chef from Nice, a self-taught chef trained between two trips to Asia, works the vegetables right at the guests' table, during a second service to the sound of live artists, or during a quieter, more confidential first service.

The result is a colorful, ephemeral tableau on the table, composed of mashed potatoes, roasted vegetables and pickles. The chef then puts the finishing touches to these edible creations, sublimating them with roasted seeds, a virgin sauce, a dash of punchy condiment, and it's time to savor them directly on the parchment paper that will later be removed between starters, main courses and desserts, so as to start from scratch and not alter the flavors to come.

Restaurant OraRestaurant OraRestaurant OraRestaurant Ora

On the evening of our visit, the unique, blind menu (€45 per person), which was very copious, featured a perfect egg, asparagus hummus and socca chips and a revisited radish-butter as starters, followed by a bevy of colorful and frankly tasty dishes: romanesco cabbage, onion, peas and cébette purée; burrata topped with pistachio and beet pesto; sweet potato fries dipped in spicy mayonnaise; and teriyaki grilled cucumber.

To finish on a high note, a lemon cream, fresh clementines, grilled clementines and rosemary; and a white chocolate cookie with mocha sauce and a really naughty crème montée. Raw produce, which is obviously in season and as organic and local as possible , is not offered without preparation and thought. On the contrary, it is cooked, raw, lacquered, puréed and used in its entirety, with a view to reducing waste and protecting the environment and its offerings - vegetable trimmings, for example, are transformed into chips.

Restaurant OraRestaurant OraRestaurant OraRestaurant Ora

At lunchtime and on weekends, Ora transforms itself entirely, becoming an ethical canteen with traditional service on the one hand, and offering an affordable brunch on the other, to be enjoyed on the large terrace with friends or family. A restaurant that will definitely change your mind about vegetarian cuisine. So, what time of day are we going to discover this new gourmet spot?

This test was conducted as part of a professional invitation. If your experience differs from ours, please mention it in the comments.

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12 Rue Philippe de Girard
75010 Paris 10

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Brunch: €28
Menu du soir: €45

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