VIK Karaoke, the karaoke box in Paris Saint-Michel neighborhood

Do you like to sing along with your friends? If so, do not waste time and go to VIK Karaoke, the new Karaoke Box in Paris that has opened in Saint-Michel. Featuring a bar and three rooms for 8 to 15 persons, this is the new and perfect karaoke for all your singing evenings!

VIK Karaoke is the brand-new karaoke box open within walking distance from the Saint-Michel Fountain, not far from the Seine riverbanks.

As a reminder, if you don’t know what a karaoke box is, it is the new trend from Japan consisting of renting a room to sing with a group of friends. Say good riddance to karaoke where you have to wait for hours to sing and where you have to show yourself in front of complete strangers that can comment on your (not so?) fabulous performance.

That’s enough! Within karaoke box, you sing whatever you want and however you want. You choose your playlist and if you’re not good enough, you can skip the song and the only witnesses will be your friends or family. Try and see, even the least amateurs among us tried it and loved it!

VIK Karaoke features lovely details. Perfectly located in the Saint-Michel area, right at the exit 4 of the metro station, VIK hides in a quiet street, the rue Suger.

VIK Karaoké Saint Michel

At the entrance, a discreet bar (with air-conditioning, what a relief!) is perfect to wait before you get a room and to get a drink between two songs or to just have a drink at the counter. A nice list of cocktails from €7 to €10. Let yourself be tempted by VIK lovely creations combining champagne, cranberries and ginger. You can also choose a pitcher for 6 or 7 persons from €30 to €35 (Tahitian punch with coco and strawberry, On the road with pineapple and lime or Let it be with rum, pineapple, cranberry and mint).

VIK Karaoké Saint Michel

Tapas are also available if you need to eat a little something at the bar or in the karaoke room. Charcuterie or cheese platter, grilled cheese or guacamole, it’s up to you. A small tip: a happy hour is held every day from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. with beer and champagne.

VIK Karaoké Saint Michel

There are only 3 rooms at VIK Karaoke but they are quite big. They can accommodate from 8 to 15 people which is enough to sing and dance.

VIK Karaoké Saint Michel

VIK Karaoké Saint Michel

VIK Karaoké Saint Michel

The first room (for 8 people) is located next to the bar and the other 2 are downstairs, in the vaulted cellar, so you can stay cool whilst singing your heart out. Each room has its own décor both cozy and chic.

We really appreciate how good the décor looks, the good soundproofing and the excellent sound brought by the 2 Bose speakers. The venue uses the Karafun software so that numerous playlists and songs are available.

VIK Karaoké Saint Michel

In terms of rates, 2 hours in the weekend will cost €18 per person and only €12 at the beginning of the week. The reservation is for the room but if you are less than you thought, you can negotiate to get the hourly rate per person.

A very pleasant karaoke with beautiful rooms, a very friendly team and delightful cocktails. In short, there is everything to spend a lovely night with your friends.

Practical information:
VIK Karaoke
4 rue Suger, 75006 Paris
+33 (0)1 73 75 30 93
Online reservation

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Last updated on 6 July 2017

Practical information


4 Rue Suger
75006 Paris 6

Saint Michel sortie 4

Par personne pour 2h semaine: 12 €
Par personne pour 2h week-end: 18 €

Recommended age
For all

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