Peonies, the flowery coffee shop in Paris

Peonies is this new hybrid coffee shop that also works as a flower shop. You’re welcomed in a bucolic setting where you can accompany your latte with a pastry flavored with flowers, and why not leave with a bouquet?

It’s hard to miss Peonies. Literally. The coffee shop catches the eye with its lovely setting and its bright flowers. Intrigued, we stop, we gauge, and we push the door. Peonies’ magic kicks in already, we’re immediately immersed in the bucolic universe of the coffee shop.

Peonies, le coffee-shop fleuriste

The place features a surprising contrast with the very lively neighborhood of the Faubourg Saint-Denis where you can find it. This little floral setting takes us away and we revitalize ourselves. It’s a real break in the Parisian life that is far from being a quiet river. The decoration mixes elements from greenhouses with its glass roof, its botanist books and gardening tools without forgetting the beautiful bouquets that welcome you. The pinkish terrazzo tables bring a trendy touch to the whole.

Peonies, le coffee-shop fleuriste

The magic continues at the counter displaying mouthwatering pastries. Since we are in a flower-coffee shop, flower cakes are obviously everywhere. And yet, we are amazed by their beauty. If you’re just feeling peckish, shortbreads sprinkled with dried flowers will flawlessly accompany a latte. For the very sweet-toothed guests, you can’t resist the cake – also sprinkled with flowers. The little bonus? They all are homemade!

Peonies, le coffee-shop fleuriste

Let’s sit at the lovely terrazzo tables while waiting for our order. Small carafes with a mint stem inside are available so that you can quench your thirst with this lightly flavored water. We serenely look at flower bouquets and we hesitate to treat ourselves. We must say that the compositions are really gorgeous!

Peonies also offer varied teas and most of them are flavored with flowers. You can enjoy a rose tea or a white peony tea. For more sparkling likings, you can ask for an elderflower lemonade. Finally, if you crave something savory, Peonies offers salad or spring rolls at lunchtime and throughout the day, the coffee shop offers a wide range of savory toasts (avocado and cocoa nibs or ricotta, lemon curd and black pepper) or grilled cheese.

Peonies, le coffee-shop fleuriste

We’re delighted but we don’t want to leave with empty hands! So, let’s treat ourselves with the Peonies package that includes an espresso and a bouquet for €19! Yes, you can buy yourselves some flowers!

Practical information:
Open from Tuesday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Saturday from 10 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
81 rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis – 75010 Paris 

Rizhlaine F.
Last updated on 24 April 2017

Practical information


81 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis
75010 Paris 10

Métro Strasbourg Saint-Denis (lignes 4 et 9) et Château d'Eau (ligne 4)

Latte: 4 €
Thé: 5 €
Formule Peonies (espresso + bouquet de fleurs): 19 €

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