Bread Festival 2018 in Paris

The Bread festival is back in Paris from Saturday May 5 to Wednesday 16, 2018 in front of Notre Dame. A 1,200 square-meter tent, 6 recreated bakeries, 8 ovens, about a hundred of bakers and not less than 3,000 French traditional baguettes per day are waiting for you for ten days. Have a look at the program of the 13th edition held in full heart of Paris.

Fête du Pain (Bread festival) is back for its edition 2018 and for the 23rd year in a row (and for the 13th time in front of Notre Dame). In Paris and for ten days, the festival will take place in front of Notre Dame and offer animations and discoveries for kids and gourmet grown-ups like us.

This event is the opportunity for pastry-cooks to teach grown-ups and little gourmet kids everything about bread making, pastries and other sweet treats. They will be glad to share with you their passion for their jobs, but all of them may not be called "baker" or "bakery". The craft will grab the opportunity Bread Festival is to assert their differences, promote breads made in accordance with professional standards and to mention that a good bread has its name: Pain de Tradition Française (French traditional bread). By the way, you can attend the National championship for best tradition baguette in France from Sunda May 13 to Tuesday May 15, 2018.

La fête du Pain 2018 à ParisLa fête du Pain 2018 à ParisLa fête du Pain 2018 à ParisLa fête du Pain 2018 à Paris

This year the festival will respond to a theme: "Baguettes en Scène" (Baguettes onto the scene). Bakers will organize outdoor manifestations (recreated ovens...) or offer animations in their shop (new baguette recipes..). For us, it's the occasion to discover the behind the scenes of its daily show, the staff backstage, its scene partners, its true face, its unexpected facets as well as the secrets of its success.

From May 13 to 15, the Village will host the prestigious contest for Best French Tradition Baguette. A contest held before your eyes.

It evolves two steps:

  • The qualifying legs (Sunday May 13 and Monday May 14): all the competiting businesses take the challenge up and the jury selects the top 6.

  • Final leg (Tuesday May 15): the top 6 from the qualifying legs compete for the title.

Candidats have six hours maximum. Each of them has to bake on the spot and in front of the audience, 40 French tradition baguettes meeting the needs listed in article 2 from the decree No 993-1074 from September 13, 1993. During these qualifying legs, they will have to present 20 baguettes. Finalists will have to showcase the 40 baked baguettes.

The jury, directed by Pascal BARILLON - winner of the Best Baguette in Paris 2011 championship - will include six professionals. Baguettes are graded according to six points: look, crust (color, crispiness), flavor, crumb (color, honeycombing), chewing and of course taste! The award ceremony will be held on Tuesday May 15 at 5 p.m. in front of Notre-Dame.

A 1,200 square-meter tent with several sharply defined areas (making, contest...), 6 recreated bakeries, 8 ovens, a hundred of male and female bakers, employees and working apprentices, over 3,000 French traditional baguettes made every day... There will be something for everyone!

So, are you up to good bread?

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Last updated on 5 May 2018

Practical information

Opening Time
From 5 May 2018 to 16 May 2018



    Cathédrale Notre-Dame
    75004 Paris 4

    commun Métro - RER :
    - Cité (4)
    - Saint Michel - Notre-Dame (B,C)
    - Hôtel de Ville (1,11)
    - Maubert-Mutualité / Cluny - La Sorbonne (10)
    - Châtelet - Les Halles (7,14,A,D)


    Recommended age
    For all

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