Villages Nature Paris, the "Centerparc" near Disneyland Paris reopens

Published by Julie M., My B., Laurent P. · Photos by My B. · Published on 18 May 2021 at 09h26
Center Parcs holding corporation Pierre et Vacances and Euro Disney join forces to create a Village Nature in Île-de-France, a few kilometers close to Disneyland Paris. Starting from May 21, 2021, we can go and relax in this green and environmentally friendly village. What can we do there and how does it work amid the coronavirus pandemic? We tell you everything.

Villages Nature Paris opened in 2017 near Paris, a stone's throw from Disneyland Paris. And if you want to go green without having to drive 100km, this is a spot likely to delight you.

Amid the coronavirus crisisVillage Nature has announced to open again on May 21, 2021 to holiday goers with health measures certified by Bureau Veritas providing, since April 27, 2020, a label to certify the quality of the methods set up amid the Covid-19 epidemic.

Among those measures for instance, desks and contact areas are cleaned every two hours. The village also announces the body temperature of each guest will be checked at the entrance and hand sanitizer will be available. Moreover, managers are setting up reinforced delivery service enabling guests staying these to shop and get their deliveries from restaurants without having to get out.

Furthermore, the number of guests in restaurants or the water park (if allowed to open again) will be limited and only activities enabling social distancing will be open, only bookable and payable online, or at the reception desk to limit contacts and cash payment.

The Park:

The park has been thought up around five recreational worlds:

  • Aqualagon and its pools, waterslides and its outside lagoon pool geothermally heated to 30°C all year round.
    You will find:
    • 6 slides
    • A climbing wall
    • A wave pool
    • An aqua speed
    • A pool for babies: 2 indoors wading pools, 2 outdoor wading pool and a Water Tree
    • 3 whirlpool baths
    • A spa with 5 care rooms including one for two, a sauna, a seam room and a salt room
    • An aquatic idleness by the outdoor lagoons
    • A lagoon pool heated to 30°C all year round

Among the activities:

    • Baby swimming
      A moment of complicity to share with your little one and to introduce him or her to the water.

    • Learn how to swim
      With a swim coach, your children will learn the first moves to become swimming champions.

    • Aqua Bike
      Tone your body whilst pedaling underwater at different speeds and accompanied by some music.

    • Deep Nature Spa
      Expert cares provided by our partner, Deep Nature.

Un Centerparc à Disneyland ParisPUn Centerparc à Disneyland ParisPUn Centerparc à Disneyland ParisPUn Centerparc à Disneyland ParisP

  • BelleVie Farm and its farm animals, ponies, its kitchen gardens and its workshops.

    BelleVie Farm featuring an architecture typical from the Brie region with its huge porch surrounded by high walls and moats opening onto a courtyard full of amusement and discovery areas.  You will find poultry and rabbits, cows, goats, ponies, a kitchen garden, a greenhouse...

    During workshops, vacationers will become familiar with the farm activities: feeding goats or preparing poultry and rabbits’ food, cooking seasonal vegetables or making bread...

    BelleVie Farm also features milk-themed indoor and outdoor play areas.

    For a gourmet break during the day, you can go to the BelleVie Farm tea room. Dairy products and seasonal vegetables are sold at the BelleVie grocer’s shop.

Among the activities:

    • Wannabe a Farmer
      During a workshop, children become farmers: feeding cows and their young, collecting eggs, cleaning the enclosures... They can share the whole experience with you!

    • Academy: "From Grain to bread" mill tour
      Become a baker-apprentice to learn everything about bread-making.

    • Beekeeping
      A playful approach so children and adults can learn everything about bees’ world.

    • Pony rides
      Feet in stirrups, wind in your children’s hair and here they go for a pony ride.

Un Centerparc à Disneyland ParisPUn Centerparc à Disneyland ParisPUn Centerparc à Disneyland ParisPUn Centerparc à Disneyland ParisP

  • Forest of Legends with huts, nests hanging in the trees, tales and legends.

    In a 2.5-hectare wooded setting, the Forest of Legends inspired by legends of the forest will fulfill children from 2 to 12 years. A forest full of stories, games and magic with hiding places and hanging nests. Among the trees, play areas will enchant your youngest children. For your older children, hut building, hanging bridges and mysterious path exploration. In the heart of this forest area, children live out myths and stories of forest characters.

Among the activities:

    • Show of the forest
      A fun, interactive show immersing kids in the history of the Forest of Legends and introducing them to the characters living there.

    • Legends of the forest
      A life-sized adventure during which children have to solve riddles and games about the magic world of the forest and its inhabitants.

    • My fairy house
      Building their own fairy house and taking part in bringing the Forest of legends to life.

    • Hut building
      With the instructions of an organizer, you and your children will learn how to build and decorate your own hut.

Un Centerparc à Disneyland ParisPUn Centerparc à Disneyland ParisPUn Centerparc à Disneyland ParisPUn Centerparc à Disneyland ParisP

  • Extraordinary Gardens and their numerous wanders based on Earth, Fire, Air and Water.

    Extraordinary Gardens embody the landscape expression of harmony between humanity and nature at Villages Nature Paris. Created by Thierry Huau and covering 2.1 hectares full of varieties selected for blossoming all year round, these gardens celebrated the four elements of nature. Life-sized games, curiosity displays, scents organ... intersperse the four gardens.
  • The first garden is dedicated to Earth, offering a stroll between and blossoming pear trees orchard and the kitchen garden’s colorful vegetables, magnolias’ blossoming and old apple trees.

  • The second one is dedicated to Fire and the extent of vivid colors the leaves of liquidambars, maple trees, oaks turn into in autumn is striking as well as the intense blossoming of lagerstroemias, prunus or even parrotia.

  • The Air garden offers a wander around a swaying grass meadow where big weeping willows and conifers remind, in a graphic way, the surrounding air.

  • Finally, the Water Garden is characterized by the evergreen foliage of holm oaks, willow-leaved pear trees, tall palm trees and Scotch pines which go with water games.

Among the activities:

    • Meet with the gardener
    • Ask the gardener about kitchen garden and its secrets.
    • Evening by the fire side
    • In the heart of the Extraordinary Gardens,  a musical evening.
    • Treasure hunt
    • A genuine treasure hunt with your family to learn all the secrets behind the creation of the Extraordinary Gardens.

Un Centerparc à Disneyland ParisPUn Centerparc à Disneyland ParisPUn Centerparc à Disneyland ParisPUn Centerparc à Disneyland ParisP

  • Lakeside promenade with restaurants, shops and activities

    In the shadow of Hanging Gardens, the Lakeside promenade is the beating heart of Villages Nature Paris. It offers an area where we can stroll around, have something to eat and shop at partner brands. Fresh and delicious products, tasty and healthy dishes are to be eaten on the spot or to take away.

    The grocery store offers a range of ingredients. A wine bar will welcome connoisseurs and novices for a tasting and an introduction to enology! Finally, Villages Nature Paris market place offers all the friendly entertainments (petanque ground...).

Among the activities:

    • Introduction to enology
      From the aroma set to the tasting, a privileged moment to discover wine tasting techniques, specialized vocabulary and wine and dishes pairing...

    • Little Explorer’s Club
      Activities to learn about nature and its wonders, thought up in partnership with Disney Nature.

    • Baby Club
      Located along the Lakeside promenade, it will welcome children between 4 months and 3 years from Tuesdays to Saturdays from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

    • Kid’s Disco
      Small guests can also show their dancing talent on their own dancefloor!

    • Concerts at the amphitheater by the Aqualagon
      When the weather gets nice, open-air concerts are organized in a spectacular setting facing the Aqualagon.

Un Centerparc à Disneyland ParisPUn Centerparc à Disneyland ParisPUn Centerparc à Disneyland ParisPUn Centerparc à Disneyland ParisP


Just like in other Centerparcs, you can choose an accommodation between 3 ranges of cottage: Cocoon VIP, Country Premium and Clan Comfort. In full heart of the Village, by the lake or in the forest, Villages Nature Paris lodgings can accommodate from 2 to 12 guests.

Apartments and cottages have been created by architect Jean de Gastines and decorated by 3 famous designers: Ana Moussinet, Beverley Bayes and Sophie Jacqmin.

  • COCOON VIP: an oasis of well-being
    • 5 to 10-minute walk from the Village center.
    • Apartments with 1 to 2 bedrooms.
    • Cottages with 2 to 6 bedrooms.
    • Surface area: from 44 m² to 170 m²
    • Equipment: chimney, King-size bed, separate toilets,  second flatscreen TV in master bedrooms, welcome package coffee and tea, stereo, spa bathroom with whirlpool bath and hydromassage shower, spa kit (bathrobe, slippers and toiletries), balcony or private terrace with garden furniture.
    • Services: cleaning during the stay (upon request, once during the stay and only for mid-week and week-long stays).


  • COUNTRY PREMIUM: a countryside-inspired cottage
    • 5 to 10-minute walk from the Village center.
    • Apartments from 1 to 2 bedrooms.
    • Cottages with 2 to 4 bedrooms.
    • Surface area: from 37 m² to 102 m².
    • Equipment: chimney (only in cottages), queen-size bed, separated toilets, second flatscreen TV in master bedroom, balcony or private terrace with garden furniture.


  • CLAN COMFORT: a family memories factory
    • 15-minute walk from the Village center.
    • Cottages with 2 to 3 bedrooms.
    • Surface area: from 54 m² to 65 m².
    • Equipment: queen-size bed, private terrace with garden furniture.

In terms of staying duration, like in all other Centerparcs, you can book for a full week, a weekend from Friday afternoon to Monday morning or a mid-week from Monday afternoon to Friday morning.


But such a big center needs water and power supply... so how do we do that without destroying the environment?

Villages Nature Paris conceptual approach is based on a Sustainable Action Plan developed in partnership with the Bioregional association whilst pursuing ten "One Planet Living" objectives:

  • zero carbon
  • zero waste
  • sustainable transport
  • local and sustainable materials
  • local and sustainable food
  • sustainable water
  • land use and wildlife
  • culture and community
  • equity and local economy
  • health and happiness

For example in Villages Nature Paris, we can:

  • Swim in the open-air in a heated pool even in winter! With geothermal energy, 9,000 tons of CO2 are avoided each year. 100% of the needs in heat of the place (Aqualagon water, heating and heated sanitary water in all buildings) are covered by this sustainable and renewable energy producing no greenhouse gas.

  • Attend the water natural purification with ecofriendly filtering
    Water from Aqualagon pools or from the two hanging gardens and the two horizontal gardens is naturally filtered by plants. Treated waters are then released in the lake and used for watering.

  • Discover the local cultural and gastronomic heritage
    Villages Nature Paris offers food from local productions or ecofriendly agriculture. Outings in Paris and Seine-et-Marne are also provided.

Of course, like in all other Centerparcs, in Village Nature Paris we walk, we ride bikes or we drive electric cart so we forget very polluting cars or ATVs which will stay on the parking lot during your stay.

I do not know about you, but we are definitely looking forward to discovering all this!

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
Starts 21 May 2021



    1 Rue du Pré des Merlans
    77700 Bailly Romainvilliers

    Accès par Autoroute A4, sortie 13

    Recommended age
    For all

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