Oxte: Enrique Casarrubias' Michelin-starred gourmet Mexican restaurant

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Published by Manon C. · Photos by Manon C. · Published on 27 January 2022 at 10h16
At Oxte, chef Enrique Casarrubias mixes flavors from his childhood in Mexico with French gastronomy. A Michelin-star-winning combo.

By the Place de l'Etoile, a small corner of sun has been warming bodies and tast buds in the dead of winter. Set in the area since 2018, Mexican chef Enrique Casarrubias fills plates with his vision of gastronomy; a spicy and colorful partition, written on two staves, one French, the other Mexican.

In 2021, the Michelin guide came by and rewarded the restaurant with one star. The first award for the chef - who worked at the Crillon, the Cinq (Hôtel George V), or even in the kitchen of chef Akrame Benallal who gave him a sous-chef position in his Hong-Kong restaurant.


With his first restaurant in Paris, Enrique Casarrubias stands out from his peers and brillantly cultivates this deep will of making Mexican flavors meet Parisian tastes. It was then all natural for the chef to fill his South-American-inspired traditional recipes with surprising condiments, mysterious plants and bold seasoning.

Like this starter focusing on squid and pudding, served with roasted butternut squash, persimmon and encacahuatado, a creamy peanut and spice sauce. This is also the case for the gnocchetti served with sunchoke and the traditional piquillos bell peppers to pair beef cecina.


Of course, because this is an all-thing South American tradition restaurant, pride of place is given to fine cuts of meats. Whether they are red or white, they are always perfectly cooked. Perfectly medium-rare, this pigeon, turnip, pickled grapes and mole - the Mexican sauce which secret is generally kept. Then again, this cured beef picanha with beer-mustard caramel was very smooth, and served with a side of crispy potatoes.


As for desserts, chef Enrique Casarrubias keeps working with his birth country in mind. Avocado and mezcal granita, here is a very interesting pairing plated as a trompe-l'oeil. Or, the refreshing mandarine mousse, buñuelo, clementine jam and horchata sauce is a must!

At Oxte, Enrique Casarrubias' food is to be found and enjoyed through a 4-course menu (€85) or 6-course menu (€105), as well as at lunch with lunch menus (€45-55). So, are you willing to discover this Mexican corner in Paris?

This test has been carried out as part of a business invitation. If your experience is different from ours, please let us know in the comments.

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Starts 24 January 2022



    5 Rue Troyon
    75017 Paris 17

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