La Station Damrémont, the restaurant that looks like a metro station in Paris

Rolling since September 2017, La Station Damrémont is an address crazy about burgers that uses the code of the Parisian subway. The whole in the heart of the always moving 18th arrondissement.

If you decide to set up a date at La Station Damrémont, the later is likely to spend a long time looking for it on the Parisian subway map… in vain! Because, this station is not one. The name actually refers to a restaurant nestled 103 rue Damrémont in Paris 18th arrondissement.
Yet, inside, the resemblance is uncanny. Royal blue rectangle reading the name of the station on the wall, optical white tiled bricks, all the visual codes of our dear Parisians stations are here. Even he menu refers to the signage system of the metro lines.

 La Station Damrémont

Yet here, no foul smells or garbage littering the floor, but a large choice of hearty burgers, from the very “cheesy” on with camembert and bacon to the 100% vegan burger made out of a chickpea and four vegetables patty with mozzarella, without forgetting the marinated chicken and four spices (halal meat) version. In terms of price, it’s the usual deal in Paris with burgers sold from 9 to 14 euros and French fries as sides from 3 to 6 euros (Burgers + fries menu for €15).

La Station Damrémont

To this American-inspired menu, you can add a very tasty fish & chips (€13) with a more British twist. And for dessert, we fell for the salted butter caramel cheesecake and it was addictive (€7). In short, there is something for all kinds of diet, or almost, on the condition you’re not trying to lose weight! Moreover, the master of the place, Alexandre Chapelet guarantees us a homemade cuisine cooked with fresh ingredients.

La Station Damrémont

And he is the very one who welcomed us the night we came and in a very atypical way, he handed us over a (fake) travel pass while shaking our hands “Here’s your travel pass for tonight, but you will still get a fine at the end of your journey”, followed by a large smile. We must believe that referring to the check entertains RATP staff, known for coming to eat here from time to time, Alexandre Chapelet tells us.

La Station Damrémont

Audrey B.
Last updated on 12 March 2018

Practical information


103 Rue Damrémont
75018 Paris 18

fish&chips: 13 €
burger+frites: 15 €

Recommended age
For all

Official website


More information
Ouvert du lundi au samedi
Le midi : 12h-15h
Le soir : 19h à 23h du lundi au mercredi et jusqu'à 2h du jeudi au samedi

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