Flora Danica 100% Danish brunch

For a Sunday immersion in Scandinavia, head to Flora Danica. Since June, Maison du Danemark brasserie offers its 100% Danish brunch on Sundays, where salmon rubs shoulders with the famous Smørrebrød as well as salads and viennoiseries!

In September 2017, we fell under the charm of the excellent cuisine served at Flora Danica. Since then, the place is always crowded and satisfies taste buds of many Parisians and tourists lover of Nordic gastronomy.

Since June 2018, Flora Danica offers a new immersion in Scandinavia with its 100% Danish brunch.

To be discovered on Sundays, from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m., this brunch is to be enjoyed in several steps.

Le brunch Danois de Flora Danica

First, there’s the huge all-you-can-eat buffet. And I better tell it now, there’s something for everyone. Let’s start with the savory part and the famous and delicious Smørrebrød. Here, these toasts are available in various shapes: the irresistible Smørrebrød with avocado slices delicately put on French bread, as well as the vegetarian Smørrebrød with zucchini slices, or the Smørrebrød with pastrami and the Smørrebrød with smoked haddock.

Besides, we don’t know what to choose so much the choice is varied with the salmon rillettes or the taramasalata, the marinated cucumbers, the salami and the Danish ham.

Le brunch Danois de Flora Danica

Le brunch Danois de Flora Danica

A bit further, we discover huge salad bowls that change following the market.

Classics are to be expected with muesli, fruit salad, cheeses as well as, for sweet treat lovers, various viennoiseries and several cakes available (chocolate, lemon, vanilla…) or the verrines with cottage cheese with red berries and chocolate mousse.

To accompany the whole, here are orange juice, grapefruit juice, cranberry juice or even detox water infused with fresh herbs!

Le brunch Danois de Flora Danica

Next, food is served at your table and we are offered coffee, tea, scrambled eggs or sunny-sides up and finally a tasting plate of fish or of seasonal vegetables.

Le brunch Danois de Flora Danica

Le brunch Danois de Flora Danica

As for us, we went for local and chose the delicious plate with smooth slices of salmon, salmon dices and herring slices.

Le brunch Danois de Flora Danica

In addition to taste a delicious and hearty brunch, you can enjoy the idyllic setting of the place, with, and it’s up to you, the green terrace or the very pleasant patio of the restaurant.  A piece of advice, think about booking to enjoy this gourmet Danish break on Sunday because the brunch seduces more and more patrons!

Please note that people under 12 years old can access the buffet for €19 instead of €39 for adults.

Caroline J.
Last updated on 2 July 2018

Practical information


142, avenue des Champs-Elysées
75008 Paris 8

Tarif enfant - 12 ans: 19 €
Tarif Adulte: 39 €

Official website

01 44 13 86 26

More information
Ouvert tous les jours de 8h à 00h
Brunch le dimanche de 12h à 15h

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