Pez, the new ceviche restaurant in South Pigalle

Published by Manon C. · Published on 4 June 2021 at 10h00
Pez is the latest restaurant in South Pigalle giving ceviche its street-food look, as it is originally enjoyed in Peru, thanks to a short menu of super-fresh ceviche, perfect for the summer 2021!

To face the summer heat, there is nothing better than a nice salad on a terrace, we do agree on that. But to change from the repeated green salad without sacrificing freshness, we have a place to share with you, and it recently opened!

Head to South Pigalle to discover Pez, the brand-new street-food-like ceviche restaurant. As a matter of fact, far from being the gourmet prejudice we may have about this specialty in France, ceviche is THE laid-back dish enjoyed on the go in Peru. It is found everywhere, served in hearty portions, and without fuss. This is with this idea in mind – namely giving ceviche its street-food look back – that Louis-Marie Giudicenti, Victor Lognoné, and Valentin Thiriez open Pez!

On the (short!) menu, four ceviche marinated based on fresh and well-sourced ingredients highlighting pollock from sustainable fishing. To be discovered, then: traditional Patrón ceviche with “leche de tigre”; Gringo ceviche inspired by Polynesian flavors with coconut milk, garlic, minced carrots; Papi Chulo ceviche based on pomelo, honey, shallot, and chili pepper paste; and last but not least, the Mamacita ceviche to discover ceviche as it is enjoyed in Ecuador with orange, passata, and olive oil.

To whet your appetite, foodies can also pick French sand shrimps served with mayonnaise, oysters from Ile d’Oléron with shallot, lime, chili pepper, cilantro and olive oil dressing, or the tomato, red and green bell peppers, garlic and lemon gazpacho, and of course, the staple guacamole. Mouthwatering, I hear you say?

Obviously, you can pair all of them with some cocktail, a glass of nature wine, or some craft beer to be enjoyed on the small and colorful beach-hut inspired terrace!

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
Starts 3 June 2021



    29 Rue Henry Monnier
    75009 Paris 9

    Official website

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