Solyles, the contemporary rotisserie giving chicken pride of place

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Published by Manon C. · Photos by Manon C. · Published on 10 May 2021 at 17h12
Here is the perfect address for gallinacean fans. Set in Montmartre – and in Paris 14th arrondissement – the Solyles rotisserie offers foodies to rediscover chicken in a new light. This is simple, chicken is THE star of the restaurant!

Solyles reinvents the rotisserie codes by serving a monomaniac offer based on French poultry. More than an average rotisserie, Solyles has quickly became a den for chicken fans in the heart of Montmartre and Paris 14th arrondissement, on rue d’Alésia.

Very soon on site (and even soon on a terrace for the Alesia restaurant) or to take away, enjoy free-range chicken roasted on a spit in all shapes and sizes: nuggets, wings, drumsticks, and beautiful poultries available whole or sold by the half or quarter.

Solyles 2021Solyles 2021Solyles 2021Solyles 2021

As for us, we tried the spit-roasted free-range chicken, tender and flavorful served with exquisite poultry jus; the wings to eat with your fingers coated in barbecue sauce; the very fleshy drumsticks covered in spices; and the excellent nuggets that are like no other nugget you may have already tasted: they are oblong, and covered in a light but very crunchy coat. And of course, you gladly dip them all in original and homemade dips!

Solyles 2021Solyles 2021Solyles 2021Solyles 2021

Pair them with a collection of very good sides Solyles prepare as thoroughly as the chicken: some delicious and super creamy Gratin Dauphinois (we would love to have the recipe!), deliciously browned mac’n’cheese, Thai rice, garlic potatoes, hearty ratatouille, and even roasted fennel, we love it!

Please note that as long as restaurants are closed, all these wonders are available on delivery and takeout.

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
Starts 5 May 2021



    74 Rue Damrémont
    75018 Paris 18

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