The most affordable yule logs 2017 in Paris

If some pastry chefs release exceptional pieces for the Holidays, other rather like offering gourmet creation at more affordable prices… This is the occasion for everyone to celebrate Christmas. Discover now the best affordable yule logs 2017.

Between yule logs from palaces and yule logs by great pastry chefs, choosing isn’t always a piece of cake… This explains why some chefs decided to create Holidays cakes at affordable prices.

From Paul to Christophe Michalak without forgetting Christophe Adam, Yves Thuriès or Karamel, discover the best affordable yule logs for the Holidays 2017.

  • Yule log and Christmas chocolates 2017 by Christophe Michalak
    This year, your Christmas dinner is going to be rock ‘n’ roll because of Christophe Michalak’s extraordinary yule log shaped like a guitar. But that’s not all since 3 other and more traditional yule logs await gourmet people looking for original flavors and a nice range of chocolates that are everything but ordinary.

  • Yule log and Christmas éclairs 2017 by Christophe Adam
    This year, Christophe Adam works twice as hard by creating his very first yule log that will delight praline lovers. Regarding the timeless éclairs, the pastry chef unveils a beautiful and exquisite box containing 10 mini éclairs as well as his delicious Christmas 2017 éclair!

  • Yule logs 2017 by Nicolas Bernardé
    Chocolate, fruits or even ice cream… For the Holidays 2017, pastry chef Nicolas Bernardé offers not less than 4 different yule logs that will delight your taste buds!

  • Yule log 2017 by Nicolas Haelewyn
    Karamel Paris reveals its new yule log especially created for the Holidays 2017

  • Yule log and Christmas chocolates 2017 by Yves Thuriès
    For the Holidays 2017, Yves Thuriès chocolate-producers take you to polar and gourmet landscapes thanks to several original creations based on cocoa from Yves Thuriès plantations in Ecuador and Southwestern hazelnuts.

  • Yule logs 2017 by Paul
    Chocolate yule log, meringue roll yule log or red berries yule log… For the Holidays 2017, the Maison Paul puts on a great spread in order to seduce as many gourmets as possible!

  • Yule logs 2017 by Hugo & Victor
    For the Holidays 2017, Hugo & Victor and fashion designer Agnès B. join forces to offer a sumptuous and delicious starry yule log.

Stay tuned to discover other logs at affordable prices!

Julie M.
Last updated on 21 November 2017

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