The best affordable yule logs 2018 in Paris

If some pastry chefs release exceptional pieces for the Holidays, other rather like offering gourmet creation at more affordable prices… This is the occasion for everyone to celebrate Christmas. Discover now the best affordable yule logs 2018.

Between yule logs from palaces and yule logs by great pastry chefs, choosing isn’t always a piece of cake… This explains why some chefs decided to create Holidays cakes at affordable prices.

From Paul to Christophe Michalak without forgetting Pierre Marcolini, Benoît Castel and even La Glacerie Paris, discover the best affordable yule logs 2018 in Paris.

  • Yule log 2018 by Pierre Marcolini
    For these Holidays 2018, Pierre Marcolini reveals a sweet melody through splendid and delicious chocolatey creations, Christmas pastries and yule logs!

  • Yule logs 2018 by Christophe Michalak
    This year, Christophe Michalak takes us to the stars with his Christmas 2018 creations. Rocket yule log, Etoile Nouvel An and other chocolate creations are on the menu of these gourmet Holidays.

  • Yule log 2018 by Benoit Castel X Bishopparigo
    A 100% natural yule log highlighting street art: here’s the very beautiful and delicious creation thought up for the Holidays 2018 by patissier-baker Benoit Castel in partnership with artist Bishopparigo!

  • Yule logs 2018 by Nicolas Bernardé
    For the Holidays 2018, Pastry chef Nicolas Bernardé makes us travel and offers us three yule logs tasting as good as they look!

  • Yule log 2018 by Meilleur Ouvrier de France Arnaud Larher
    Meilleur Ouvrier de France Arnaud Larher reveals his yule log 2018 as well as a whole range of creations each more delicious than the other.

  • Yule log 2018 by Claire Damon
    For Christmas 2018, Claire Damon came up with her Shahzadeh yule log thought like a garden with a sweet and floral scent. We tell you everything!

  • Yule log 2018 by David Wesmaël
    A custom-made creation for a haute couture yule log: here’s what offers the Meilleur Ouvrier de France, David Wesmaël for his very first yule log to be discovered at La Glacerie Paris for these Holidays 2018.

  • Yule logs 2018 by Maison Caffet
    For the Holidays 2018, Maison Caffet increases its range of sweet treats by offering not only yule logs and mini yule logs but also a wonderful entremets to share with your family. You’ll delight the most demanding guests.

  • Yule logs 2018 by Maison Aleph
    For the Holidays 2018, Maison Aleph reveals two gourmet yule logs with original flavors.

  • Yule logs 2018 by La Meringaie
    The brand La Meringaie specialized in meringue opens a third address in Paris and makes the best out of it to reveal its upcoming Christmas creation: the Céleste.

  • Frozen yule logs 2018 by La Fabrique Givrée
    La Fabrique Givrée offers us a collection of 5 frozen yule logs shaped like Christmas trees with very gourmet flavors, to be enjoyed for the Holidays 2018.

  • Yule logs 2018 by Paul
    Praline chocolate yule log, raspberry and blackcurrant yule log and even meringue lemon yule log… For this Christmas 2018, Paul puts on a great spread to seduce as many foodies as possible!

  • Yule logs 2018 by Eric Kayser
    This year, hazelnuts, chestnuts and lemons are Eric Kayser’s guest for his signature yule log 2018, Noisettine!

Stay tuned to discover more affordable yule logs!

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Last updated on 20 November 2018

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