Environment: Earth Overshoot Day lands this Thursday July 29, 2021

Published by Cécile D. · Published on 27 July 2021 at 18h06
Every year, Earth Overshoot Day marks the date humanity has consumed more resources than what the planet can produce in one year. A sad date landing this year on Thursday July 29, 2021, namely the same day as in 2019.

It arrives sooner with each passing year: the date as of which humanity has used all resources the Earth can produce in one year. Past Thursday July 29, 2021, humans live on credit, draining precious resources, increasing the ecological debt future generations will have to pay.

This phenomenon is called Earth Overshoot Day or EOD. It is an indicator widely followed as of the consumption of resources from the Earth. Calculated by the Global Footprint Network, they say the date from which humanity consumes more than what the Earth can produce in one year. Since the 1970’s, the humanity’s consumption has been causing a shortfall in resources, and in 2019, it would have taken almost two planets to cover the ecological debt.

In 2021 – like in 2019 then – humanity lives above their means. With the EOD landing on July 29, it would take 1.7 Earth to cover all our needs in a long-lasting fashion.

2020 stood out as an exceptional year: last year, because of the pandemic and the shutting down of many industries, Earth Overshoot Day landed on August 22, namely a month later than in 2019. This unexpected slowing of human activities had a positive impact on the environment: the air quality in Paris widely improved, as well as in many cities across the world.

After this health crisis, destructive behaviors resumed and grew: according to the International Energy Agency and the Global Carbon Project, in 2021, the CO2 emissions increased by 6.6%.

According to infographics by the Global Footprint Network, Qatar, Bahrein, the United Arab Emirates, and Luxembourg are part of the greediest countries in terms of resources.

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