Paris: a dog park opens by the Seine

Published by Cécile D. · Published on 24 May 2022 at 20h46
Our doggy friends also have their own playgrounds in Paris: in the 5th arrondissement, by the Tino-Rossi garden, by the Seine, the first dog park was inaugurated this May 23, 2022.

Dogs can also have a royal life in Paris. So far, the capital city was not really dog-friendly: according to the ranking of dog-friendly cities, drawn up by 30 millions d'amis magazine in the May 2022 issue, Paris ranks 24th out of 42.

Although there are a few parks and gardens where doggos can play to their hearts’ contents, the lack of dog-friendly places is very harsh for dog owners.

Paris 5th arrondissement town hall then decided to overcome the issue. This May 23, a new dog park opened by the Seine, near the Jardin Tino-Rossi. This playground for dogs allows them to run and have fun in a safe environment.

Opening a dog park has little interest if people do not go there, we must attract them! For this first dog park, it was the condition and I worked really hard for this place to be fitted with games. Dog owners are demanding”, 5th arrondissement town hall mayor Florence Berthout told Le Parisien.

This 120sqm playground enjoys several agility stations with tunnels, poles and tilted boards. €25,000 have been given to the project to equip and make this innovative place green set by the sculpture garden.

Associations such as the SPA – the French society for the prevention of cruelty to animals – and the Droit animal, éthique et sciences (Animal, ethic and science right) foundation hope this kind of projects will increase in the coming years in Paris for the wellbeing of the thousands of dogs living in the city.


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