Coronavirus: drive-in-inspired concerts soon in France?

Published by Caroline J. · Published on 4 May 2020 at 15h22 · Updated on 5 May 2020 at 16h57
While many music lovers are wondering when concerts will resume, Denmark and Lithuania have decided not to wait until venues can reopen to perform live music. The two European countries have opted to experiment drive-in-inspired concerts. An original solution to keep social distancing and fight against Covid-19 but not ideal for the environment.

What about attending a live show from your car? Drive-in-inspired concerts start to emerge in come countries across Europe, such as in Lithuania and in Denmark. Goal? Keeping live music while respecting social distancing.

 Since the beginning of the health crisis, concerts and music shows have been stopped. With the confinement measures set up in many countries, artists have chosen to perform music in a new fashion, such as acoustic sessions and live shows online. Yes, but we do miss live music… Many people are wondering when concert venues will reopen… So far, no concrete answer has been brought by the French government, but we know that festivals and major events over 5,000 people are banned until September.

Well, until we can go back and enjoy a live show, some people do not lack imagination and put drive-in up to date to make music live. This is the case in Lithuania where GiedRé has had the honor to perform and sing this past April 24th in front of an audience… confined in their cars! “It’s irreal, can you imagine how does it look from the stage!” he said as reported by our peers at Courrier International. Here, you cannot step out of your car. Spectators are staying in their cars all along the concert and listen to the live via their car radio tuned on a special frequency.

In Denmark, drive-in shows attract curious and regulars. Local artist Mads Langer tried it and success was there for a first since 500 tickets have been sold, according to Konbini.

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So, when will drive-in shows come to France? And when will drive-in movies resume?

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