Paris Centre Pompidou to close for three years for renovations past the 2024 Summer Olympics

Published by Rizhlaine F., Cécile D. · Photos by Elodie D. · Published on 22 October 2021 at 17h27
The famous Parisian contemporary art museum Centre Pompidou is to close for three years. The renovation project represents a total budget of 200 million euros. Initially scheduled for 2023, renovations will ultimately only start in the Fall 2024, after the Paris Summer Olympics.

The Centre Pompidou is one of the landmarks of Paris. In the heart of the Beaubourg area, this giant with colorful intertwined tunnels attracts art fans since 1977. Today, it represents the first modern and contemporary art collection in Europe and regularly surprises Parisians and tourists with exhibitions with a special look on them or great retrospectives.

Yet, for a few years, Parisians and tourists will be denied this emblematic museum and its rich collections. Earlier this year, on Monday January 25, it was told the famous museum was to close for three years of renovations. Ministry of Culture Roselyne Bachelot announced this project to our peers from Le Figaro. These renovations will enable to first modernize this cultural colossus and on the other hand, to process to a full asbestos removal from the building. In 2027, for their fiftieth anniversary, the Centre Pompidou will get themselves a rebirth.

For three years, the Centre Pompidou will be fully closed. Why? Because like so, the project estimated at 200 million euros will be both less expensive and shorter. If renovations were conducted while keeping the museum partially opened, the total amount of the operation would have reached 226 million euros.

Initially, it was announced the Centre Pompidou will close from late 2023 to reopen from early 2027. Yet, this Thursday October 21, 2021, the new president of the museum, Laurent Le Bon, has decided the renovations of the contemporary art center were to start later. The Centre Pompidou is to close only from the Fall 2024, after the Paris Summer Olympics and Paralympics so visitors from all over the world attracted by the sporting event can make the most of all the cultural landmarks in town.

Make the most of this limited time left to admire the exhibitions running in the Centre Pompidou and walk through the contemporary art in Paris over and over again.

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