Nigloland: the theme park turns 35 in 2022!

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Published by Cécile D., My B., Julie M. · Photos by Julie M. · Published on 21 April 2022 at 14h46
Theme park set a few kilometers from Troyes, Nigloland reopens from Saturday April 9, 2022 to November 13, 2022, for a special season. For its 35th anniversary, the park throws a bit party: It is time to have fun with your family or friends.

Over 40 rides, a fun and family-friendly spirit, shows, restaurants, unforgettable memories... Welcome to Nigloland, the theme park set near Troyes, Aube (10). This big 45-hectare park reopens for a new season of game and laughter, from April 9 to November 13, 2022.

This season is very special indeed as this year, Nigloland turns 35 years old! On the occasion, the park is preparing lots of surprises to discover all year round. Exclusive and huge sets, birthday music, festive costumes for mascots Niglo and Niglotte... Come and celebrate this event and enjoy the festivities planned this year.

First of all, Nigloland is a family story: the Gelis-Caron family continues 6 generations of tradition of show, circus and funfair. After starting in the circus business in 1838 with Frédéric Caron, the circus manager and trapeze artist, and his brother Philippe Caron, clown, the family never left the entertainment business.

Nigloland 2019Nigloland 2019Nigloland 2019Nigloland 2019

We find them again from 1925 on the roads of France at the head of the most beautiful funfairs in the country before settling down in 1987 when the brothers Philippe and Patrice Gelis created Nigoland on the family lands.

A family tradition not likely to stop, as shows the arrival of Rodolphe, Phillipe’s son and Valentine, Patrice’s daughter, running the park in early 2017.

Today, with about forty attractions including 12 thrilling rides and 28 that are kids-friendly for kids under 1 meter, its 8 restaurants and its Hôtel des Pirates 4*, in 2018, Nigloland has been elected by its peers the 3rd best theme parks in Europe before some major international groups.

Nigloland 2019Nigloland 2019Nigloland 2019Nigloland 2019

Nigloland welcomes you on a 45-acre field at the heart of the Forêt d’Orient in the Aube department and invites you to visit the 4 themed villages:

  • The Village Merveilleux [Wonder Village] with 16 attractions
  • The Village Canadien [Canadian Village] with 8 attractions
  • The Village Suisse [Swiss Village] with 7 attractions
  • The Village Rock’n’Roll [Rock’n’Roll Village] with 8 attractions

What is fantastic with this park is the plants and the greenery. Green areas are fantastic. We feel like walking in a wonderful floral village where cascades of flowers, giant trees, bushes and waterways are found everywhere. A magnificent setting adding a poetic touch to this playful park.

Nigloland 2019Nigloland 2019Nigloland 2019Nigloland 2019

Moving on to attractions, little by little, Nigoland wanted to get rid of its image of theme parks for kids with its 27 attractions available for kids under 1-m tall, and for a few years now, it offers new thrilling rides. We find the world’s highest rotative drop tower: the Donjon de l’Extrême inaugurated in 2016. This attraction allows the boldest visitors to enjoy a 360° panoramic view over the park before a vertiginous 100-m drop stopped by magnets at the end.

Nigloland 2019Nigloland 2019Nigloland 2019Nigloland 2019

In 2021, Nigloland houses a new thrilling ride! Discover Krampus Expedition, a water rollercoaster never-before-seen in Europe, set in the heart of the Village Suisse by Alpina Blitz. This ride covers 9,000sqm making of it the biggest in the park! Meet the Krampus, a legendary Alps creature! Aboard your boat, explore the world of wild rivers, filled with canyons and incredible waterfalls to access to the cave housing this strange beast. This rollercoaster - although very impressive - remains child-frienly since children measuring 1m10 (3.60ft) can board.

Nigloland 2021Nigloland 2021Nigloland 2021Nigloland 2021

Nigloland 2021Nigloland 2021Nigloland 2021Nigloland 2021

Let us get all the thrills and laughters we need in this unique park suitable to every visitor! For this season 2022, do not think twice: run to Nigloland to celebrate the park's 35th anniversary!


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From 9 April 2022 to 13 November 2022



    10200 Dolancourt


    -1 mètre: Free
    Pass Malin web: €30
    Billet Liberté: €34

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    For all

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