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The 17th edition of the EcoTrail Paris was held this Saturday, March 16, 2024, for a true celebration of endurance and ecological commitment. Discover the results and the prize list of this edition which took us from the Yvelines to the Eiffel Tower.

Saturday, March 16, 2024 will go down in the history of the EcoTrail Paris with the closing of its 17th edition, marked by record participation. More than 14,500 runners crossed the start lines of the 5 trails and two Nordic walks, making this sporting event an unprecedented success.

The EcoTrail Paris offers a varied range of events, catering for experienced runners as well as beginners and the curious. Since its creation in 2008, the organizers' aim has been to attract as wide an audience as possible. With this in mind, a 10 km course was introduced in 2020, with the first edition taking place in 2021, with the aim of rejuvenating the profile of participants and introducing younger runners to trail running. The success of this strategy is evident, with the average age of participants now around 39, and the proportion of women steadily increasing year on year.

The race, which ended on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower - a fitting, but not without its difficulties - continues to attract growing crowds, attesting to its undeniable appeal within the running community, but also to its deep commitment to environmental preservation.

L'EcoTrail Paris 2024, les résultatsL'EcoTrail Paris 2024, les résultatsL'EcoTrail Paris 2024, les résultatsL'EcoTrail Paris 2024, les résultats

An eco-responsible 2024 edition

The EcoTrail Paris 2024 once again stood out for its eco-responsible approach, voluntarily limiting the number of participants to reduce its carbon footprint. This decision underlines the organizers' commitment to reconciling a passion for sport with respect for the environment, offering a unique experience for discovering Paris and the Île-de-France region.

Race highlights: Outstanding performances

The results of this year's event lived up to expectations, with outstanding performances in all categories. Find all the results on

Here's a look at the podiums for each distance:


  • Men: Ambroise BONFILS
    • Ambroise BONFILS (05:57:15)
    • Didrik HERMANSEN (06:03:32)
    • Ugo FERRARI (06:06:48)
  • Women's:
    • Manon GRAS (07:12:28)
    • Manon CAMPANO (07:19:28)
    • Quitterie RIBES (07:22:06)


  • Men's race:
    • Augustin KERHARDY (03:01:44)
    • Sébastien LEDAY (03:10:49)
    • Corentin OZOUF (03:12:58)
  • Women's:
    • Helene COLLE (03:34:50)
    • Julia HARNIE (03:40:16)
    • Oriane DUJARDIN (03:43:25)


  • Men's race:
    • Tomas HUDEC (01:55:10)
    • Arnaud MICHEL (01:56:26)
    • Felix HALGAND (02:00:03)
  • Women: Anaïs QUEMENER
    • Anaïs QUEMENER (02:13:31)
    • Delphine PASQUER (02:16:27)
    • Tania BODIN BAYSSET (02:23:50)


  • Men's race:
    • Farid KATEB (01:12:41)
    • Stéphane PINEAU (01:13:03)
    • Paul DESROY (01:13:28)
  • Women: Laura BEL FRANQUESA
    • Laura BEL FRANQUESA (01:23:20)
    • Mahauld GRANIER (01:24:48)
    • Typhaine GUILLO (01:25:40)


  • Men's race:
    • Renaud LEROOY (00:38:50)
    • Corentin LE DOUGET (00:39:01)
    • Thibaud SPINICCI (00:39:04)
  • Women's category:
    • Caroline TALLARD (00:46:33)
    • Mathilde BIGOT (00:47:05)
    • Gladys TEREBUS (00:47:28)

L'EcoTrail Paris 2024, les résultatsL'EcoTrail Paris 2024, les résultatsL'EcoTrail Paris 2024, les résultatsL'EcoTrail Paris 2024, les résultats

An event that goes beyond competition

Beyond athletic performances, the EcoTrail Paris 2024 celebrates the spirit of solidarity and love for nature, bringing together participants and spectators in a festive and convivial atmosphere. This edition not only broke participation records, but also underlined the race's importance in the calendar of sporting events, while promoting a strong message in favor of sustainability. For more details on the results and to relive the highlights of this year's event, visit the officialEcoTrail Paris website.

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