Carnaval des Femmes à Paris 2024, la Fête des blanchisseuses: the itinerary

Published by My de Sortiraparis, Caroline de Sortiraparis, Rizhlaine de Sortiraparis, Laurent de Sortiraparis · Published on March 2nd, 2024 at 03:52 p.m.
The Carnaval des Femmes, also known as the Fête des Blanchisseuses, is scheduled for Sunday, March 3, 2024. This year, women are once again proclaimed queens. And as always, men are required to dress as women to join in the fun!

Since 2008, Carnaval des Femmes has been brightening up the streets of Paris, reviving an old festive tradition from the Mi-Carême festival organized by Parisian laundresses in the past. Just after Carnaval de Paris, it's time for women (and men in disguise).

Every year, the washerwomen elected a queen for each washhouse and a queen for the community, then strolled through the streets, dressed up and happy. The festive tradition had an important dimension in previous centuries.

In order to perpetuate a popular tradition and make Paris a festive city once again, the Women's Carnival will take place in Paris on Sunday March 3, 2024. Each year, a theme is suggested, but we're free to follow it or not.

We remind you that this carnival is a festive event that is free, voluntary, traditional, independent, self-managed, apolitical, non-profit-making and non-subsidized. Everyone is welcome! You don't have to register to take part. You can decide at the last minute whether or not to take part, in fixed or mobile mode, on all or part of the route. Placement is free in both processions. This is the real carnival, not a street show.

An opportunity for women to express themselves, celebrate and have fun, a few days after Women's Rights Day. As the festival is a carnival, men are welcome to dress up as women, who in turn are invited to dress up as queens.

The meeting point is at 1pm on the central median of the Place du Châtelet. The procession will set off at 2:30pm to criss-cross the streets of the capital.

The route :

  • Departure at 3:00 pm from Place du Châtelet
  • Boulevard de Sébastopol (bus lane)
  • Rue Pernelle
  • Rue Saint-Martin
  • Rue Saint-Merri
  • Rue Sainte-Croix-de-la-Bretonnerie
  • Rue des Archives
  • Rue des Francs-Bourgeois
  • Rue Vieille-du-Temple
  • Rue des Rosiers
  • Rue Pavée
  • Rue de Rivoli (bus lane)
  • Rue de la Coutellerie
  • Avenue Victoria
  • Place du Châtelet

Disperse at 6 p.m.

Remember, the watchword is: women as queens, men as women!

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On March 3rd, 2024



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