Cali Sisters presents its new California breakfast

Published by Manon de Sortiraparis · Published on October 26th, 2020 at 01:14 p.m.
Available daily from 8am to 11am, Cali Sisters' California Breakfast offers foodies homemade, seasonal fare for a true American breakfast.

While Cali Sisters has just unveiled its new take-out and delivery service, the new Californian restaurant in Paris is also presenting, to counter the curfew now imposed in the capital, its new 100% Californian breakfast!

Offered every day from 8am to 11am, Cali Sisters' breakfast features healthy, local products "from farm to fork", and eclectic, entirely homemade cuisine.

At breakfast time, those in a hurry stop by Cali Sisters to pick up their golden chai latte before going to work, while those who love a true American breakfast take advantage of this moment to indulge in a delicious treat.

On the menu, sweet and savory specialties straight from California: signature granola with coconut milk or farm yogurt, seasonal fruit, manuka honey and dukkah; buckwheat pancakes and toasted quinoa, airy lemony ricotta cheese and seasonal fruit. All this accompanied by fresh bread from the famous bakery The French Bastards.

Also to be discovered, the crispy waffle or the Breakfast Plate, with smoked and crispy bacon with maple syrup, extra-fresh organic eggs, country bread and market salad.

Cali Sisters also offers a wide range of homemade pastries, from the Choco Pumpkin Muffin to the Rustic Banana Bread and the Chocolate Chip Cookie with a touch of fleur de sel. And as for drinks, we'll love a freshly squeezed juice or a gourmet smoothie!

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