PB Poulet Braisé – the affordable grill house with golden poultries

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Published by Manon de Sortiraparis · Photos by Manon de Sortiraparis · Published on July 30th, 2022 at 03:39 p.m.
At PB Poulet Braisé, chicken is Breton and is served over and over again. A quick, hearty and affordable bargain for families and groups of friends.

The brand is already famous by those who like eating hearty quantities for a lesser cost. Since it opened in Ménilmontant in 2008, PB Poulet Braisé has settled in several places in Paris and Île-de-France to delight people with beautiful French poultry roasted as they should be.

The idea of PB founder Bruno Do Pinho was simple: bringing from his native Portugal the traditional churrasco, the famous braised chicken, star of the Portuguese street-food, that now traveled across the borders of the Iberic peninsula to end up in the streets of the French West Indies, Latin America, and France for the past fifteen years.

PB Poulet BraiséPB Poulet BraiséPB Poulet BraiséPB Poulet Braisé

Marinated 24 hours in a mix of spices and olive oil – the recipe being kept secret – the Breton and halal chicken by PB Poulet Braisé is served in different sizes, perfect to satisfy stomachs, depending on the appetite, or all the guests over the table.

Therefore, allow €10 for the lunch menu including half a chicken, rice and a drink; €15 for half the chicken and a side of choice, and €59 for the tray to share with 4 foodies including 4 half braised chickens, rice, aloko – delicious fried plantains – potatoes and sweet potato fries, as well as 4 sauces of your choice and 4 cocktails of your choice. For less than €15 per person, PB Poulet Braisé offers you and your friends or family to have a feast.

PB Poulet BraiséPB Poulet BraiséPB Poulet BraiséPB Poulet Braisé

When tasting, the braised chicken is fluffy and smooth on the inside, crunchy and glazed in marinade on the outside. And, on the menu of the two new PB Poulet Braisé locations – one in the 9th arrondissement, the other in Montreuil – the brand also serves chicken parts: wings and tenders to dip in new and inventive dips, in buckets, perfect for TV nights with friends.

PB’s asset is the homemade sauces, the Piri Piri sauce, the BBQ sauce, as well as the now famous Sauce Verte prepared with mayonnaise, parsley and secret ingredients; a mystery sauce with Portuguese and African twists.

PB Poulet BraiséPB Poulet BraiséPB Poulet BraiséPB Poulet Braisé

A good deal to have a quick, tasty and cheap meal!

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Dates and Opening Time
Starts July 26th, 2022

× Approximate opening times: to confirm opening times, please contact the establishment.


    4-6 Rue Etienne Dolet
    75020 Paris 20

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