Oobatz, Dan Pearson sets up his brick-and-mortar pizzeria in Ménilmontant

Published by Manon de Sortiraparis · Published on May 28th, 2024 at 03:00 a.m.
Dan Pearson is back in Ménilmontant, this time with a brick-and-mortar pizzeria featuring the crispy pizzas of this maestro of natural fermentation.

It's a discreet opening, but one that's likely to be talked about very soon. Fans of (good) pizza will remember: at the end of 2022, a pop-up pizzeria opened its doors for a time, in place of Rigmarole, the once Michelin-starred restaurant owned by Robert Compagnon and Jessica Yang. The project was spearheaded by American baker Dan Pearson, who has also worked at Ten Belles and is passionate about natural sourdough.

A restaurant all too short-lived and soon regretted by locals and visitors alike. Drum roll... In this lovely, lovely month of May, Dan Pearson is back to spinning pizzas (not napkins), this time in a permanent restaurant, still in the Ménilmontant district: Oobatz.

A true aesthete of bread and pizza dough, the chef-baker offers pizzas with a thin dough that rises for 36 hours, and is devilishly crispy. Now you're hooked? Please note that these pizzas have to be earned! The restaurant specifies that reservations are taken 2 weeks in advance, but don't panic: places at the stand-up table and at the communal table are also available for customers without a reservation.

How about a nice pizza tonight?

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4 Avenue Jean Aicard
75011 Paris 11


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