New Cat Bar, the “Chat Mallows Cafe"

The Chat Mallows Cafe is a new cat bar in Paris’s 15th arrondissement. If we feel like petting kitties or playing a game, we can hop in for a drink and meet the owners of this cafe bar - the cats!

Cat bars first became a popular concept in Japan, but can now be found throughout Paris, too. One of the newest cat bars in the capital is the Chat Mallows Café, a spot that is not just a cafe but a space for relaxation, created by feline lovers.

Chat Mallows Café

About 10 different cats call this cafe home. Some of them belong to the cafe’s owner, and others have been taken in and rescued. As soon as you enter and see Jerico the cat stretched out along a table, you understand that this cafe and tea salon is truly laid-back living space where we can relax and enjoy the healing effects of cat purring.

It’s the cats that run this joint, and we are their guests! You can’t bring your own cat, but you can come and learn about feline behavior or buy some fun cat toys and objects, like a cat wheel or a “Cats” brand game shelf. Soon, there will even be cat workshops that offer veterinary advice!

Chat Mallows Café

The purpose of the Chat Mallows Cafe is to teach guests more about cats and their world, or even help them take the leap to adopt a cat! With only five or six tables, this cafe is meant to be a confidential and intimate spot, serving cold and hot beverages, along with some snacks. The cats are playful and lay out along the tables, or come over and bug us to pet them.

Chat Mallows Café

Cat toys are set out to help us connect with the cats like our friends Jerico, Alpha, Yoda, or any of the other 10 feline lodgers of the cafe. All of the cats have different personalities; you can have a piña colada with Jerico (a Jericolada?), fight with Alpha over a brownie, or drink a Cold Cat Coffee with Yoda.

Chat Mallows Café

You could spend hours hanging out with these furry friends, especially since there is also a wifi connection, but they’ve got to get their beauty rest too! We love the idea of this place, but wish that all the cats in this cafe had been rescued, instead of being purchased, like some of them were, for the purposes of this cat bar. Still, we are excited to follow these kitties’ adventures on Facebook and go visit them whenever we can!

Useful Information:
Website:  Chat Mallows Café
Where: 30 rue des Volontaires, 75015 Paris

Hours: 12pm-10pm Tuesday-Sunday
Prices: Beverages range from 5.80€  - 9.80€, Snacks range from 6,80€- 12,80€

Elodie D.
Last updated on 16 July 2015

Practical information


30 Rue des Volontaires
75015 Paris 15

M°12 - Volontaires

boissons: 6-10 €
collations: 7-13 €

More information
Horaires : 12h-22h du mardi au dimanche

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1 comment

DaftFunk DaftFunk le 20/07/15 à 20h30 Warn

J'y suis allé! C'est vraiment très sympa, les chats sont cools et très beaux! On est vraiment dans un endroit qui à été fait pour eux. A recommander!

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