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La Cantine des Mama’s, the restaurant that makes you travel

Published on 26 October 2017 By My B.
La Cantine des Mama's

Practical information

88 Rue d'Aboukir
75002 Paris 2

13-16 euros (plats)
6-8 euros (desserts)
7-10 euros (entrées)

You want to eat something spicy? Rush to La Cantine des Mama’s, the perfect place to shake your taste buds up. No need to look for an Indian, Algerian or Senegalese restaurant, La Cantine des Mama’s is a successful blend of tasteful cuisines.

Located within distance from the Sentier, La Cantine des Mama’s is a colorful place between souk and African jungle. Jungle wallpaper, colorful walls, cozy corners and mismatched plates, we feel at ease, just like at home.

Do you happen sometimes to want to go out to eat something tasty but without knowing what you really want? I can tell you that it’s no need to have a cat fight or to toss a coin with your +1 to know if you’re going to eat Indian or African cuisine, La Cantine des Mama’s is here to save you.

La Cantine des Mama's

On the menu? Eggplant caviar, Yassa chicken, Shrimps gumbo, Biryani, Fish thieboudienne, Beef maafe, you’re going to eat something absolutely delicious. You or your guest are vegetarian or gluten intolerant? No problem, you’ll have it too! Here’s to you, an Indian plate, a green couscous or the root-vegetables maafe from here and elsewhere. There are ancestral family recipes that the mamas offer you. They come from Africa, India, Tunisia, Iran and Maurice…

La Cantine des Mama's

We love the spice of this eggplant caviar, the sweetness of the Palak Paneer (spinach with cheese) and the generosity of the Royal Biryani. Because we didn’t know what to choose, we went for a Thali Express, a tray for 2 that took us on every land.

La Cantine des Mama's

Since winter is coming, you may want a hot and comforting dish to share? For the record, the spot also offers a Mama’rmite set menu to share between 6 people (think about booking prior your visit). You can also give a go to the Tunisian couscous served with a barley couscous.

La Cantine des Mama's

No need to say that everything is homemade and in the open-plan kitchen you can discover in the basement if you need the large table downstairs (perfect for groups) or if you want to discover the delicatessen (or the bathrooms!).

La Cantine des Mama's

In terms of drinks, strong eaters can go for the mixed rums while the soft people (like me) will enjoy a ginger or a roselle juice.

To end on a sweet note, we finish our gustative journey with a powerful rose ice cream or a perfectly ripe persimmon with orange blossom.

La Cantine des Mama's

In short, here’s a lovely canteen to make your taste buds travel without leaving Paris!

Practical information:
La Cantine des Mama’s (website in French)
Address: 88 rue d’Aboukir, 75002 Paris
Phone: +33 (0)1 71 75 66 63
Dishes starting from €13

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