Homer Lobster rue Rambuteau: the first Lobster Roll restaurant in Paris

Lobster rolls enthusiasts will now have their taste buds fulfilled thanks to the opening – in early February 2018 – of Homer Lobster, the new gourmet address of Moïse Sfez. An address nestled in Paris 4th arrondissement.

Many of you have been charmed by Moïse Sfez’s famous lobster roll during the first Food Court made in France, Parisian Omnivore District, set up in BHV Marais L’Homme courtyard.

Since then, you’ve been waiting for the true address to open in Paris. It’s now done since Homer Lobster, located at No. 21 in rue Rambuteau in the 4th arrondissement, has opened its doors in early February 2018.

With the opening of his first restaurant entirely dedicated to lobster roll, Moïse Sfez expects to fulfill the taste buds of many chic and gourmet street food lovers.

But what is a lobster roll? It’s a blue-lobster sandwich that has been very successful in America; after being seduced by the concept 8 years ago, Moïse decided to import this famous lobster roll into France, but with a French twist: Breton lobster and French brioche bread!

Homer Lobster à Paris

At Homer Lobster, patrons come to enjoy two legendary recipes: the “classic” with pulled lobster mixed with homemade lemon-flavored and chives mayonnaise, and the “Connecticut” which is the house bestseller already, in which lobster is slightly lukewarm and seasoned with lemon butter and a secret mix of herbs. If this last lobster roll is the boss’s favorite, it’s ours too! What a delight!

Homer Lobster à Paris“Connecticut” Lobster Roll

Only recently, Homer Lobster also innovated with a new recipe, the Avocado” Lobster Roll made of lobster, guacamole, lime and “Old Bay” spices. Once again, it’s a genuine gustative pleasure!

Homer Lobster à Paris“Avocado” Lobster Roll

What’s on the menu too? A grilled-cheese lobster with ripe Dutch cheddar, a Crab Roll or a lobster and seaweeds salad.

In terms of sides, Homer Lobster offers excellent homemade chips with truffle or wasabi, and a delicious wakame salad.

For the biggest foodistas, you can have a homemade Kinder cookie, a Nutella brioche or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Homer Lobster à Paris

What’s next? Moïse Sfez doesn’t lack ideas when it comes to new Lobster Roll recipes and expects to open other Homer Lobster restaurants, especially in shopping malls or on the other side of the Seine, towards Saint-Germain-des-Prés!

In the meantime, meet right now in rue Rambuteau to enjoy Moïse Sfez’s excellent lobster rolls at Homer Lobster!

Practical information:
Homer Lobster 
21 rue Rambuteau – 75004 Paris
Open 24/7, non-stop, from 12 p.m. to 11 p.m. – on the spot or on the go
Regular lobster roll (65g) – €17 / XL Lobster Roll (90g) – €21
Extra lobster: €5
Homer menu (1 lobster, 1 side, 1 drink): €21 (65g)

Caroline J.
Last updated on 10 February 2018

Practical information


21 Rue Rambuteau
75004 Paris 4

Official website

More information
Ouvert 7j/7, en continu, de 12h à 23h - Sur place ou à emporter

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