Astair, Parisian brasserie within the Passage des Panoramas

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Published by Manon C. · Photos by Manon C. · Published on 1 December 2021 at 18h09
Within the Passage des Panoramas, the Astair brasserie unveils a menu featuring traditional French dishes served in hearty portions. The place is highly comforting this winter!

Three years ago, the Astair brasserie opened in the magnificent Passage des Panoramas under the initiative of Jean Valfort, Charles Drouhaut and Jean-François Monfort. A “bistro for passing through” with very French charm – the décor has been designed by architect Tristan Auer – that one decides to visit more than just passing through and have a seat on one of the red bench seats running all along the walls and taking us back to the golden years of the Parisian brasseries.

Astair menu provides foodies with many French gastronomy classics one can discover on the paper place mat, like it used to be. As for the wine list, it aims at presenting the best French terroirs, from local bottle to exceptional nectar.


For lunch throughout the week, Astair supplies rather affordable dishes: allow €15 the main course, €20 the set menu including starter/main course or main course/dessert, and €25 for the set menu including starter/main course/dessert, it is as simple as this. Among the very French starters, for instance, enjoy some marrow bone, deviled eggs, snails from Burgundy, and duck foie gras.

And because it is the season, we went for the frogs’ legs (€22 the 8), a staple dish in the French gastronomy and we must say we were delighted. Bathing in butter sauce, these rather fleshy legs have been eaten in no time. We also went for one of Astair’s specialties – it is written on the menu – the organic oeuf parfait (€14) served with mushroom stir and forest foam; a new way of serving the French bistronomy classic oeuf parfait with a winter sauce twist.


Coming up, on one hand, smoked beef tartare (€18), knife-cut of course – the only way to do it, we think – served with a huge side of homemade fries; and the fleshy – or rather huge – prime rib of veal (€28) cooked in a frying pan with forest-inspired fried potatoes as a side, a dish for one but that could work for two foodies.


Dishes are served in such generous portions we are not physically able to order any of the desserts available on the menu. But we know Astair’s common thread is the same: classic dishes, and it is perfect since foodies coming in can then enjoy the best of French cuisine. We must confess we saw the poire belle Hélène on our neighbors’ table and it looked delicious!

Is there anything more French than walking the black and white tiles of the Passage des Panoramas to enjoy French culinary heritage at Astair? We think not!

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Dates and Opening Time
Starts 29 November 2021



    19 Passage des Panoramas
    75002 Paris 2

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