L’Inédit, Kevin Kowal’s new restaurant

After working at Taillevent and being the chef at Champeaux by Maison Ducasse, Kevin Kowal takes over L’Inédit, the famous chic and cozy restaurant in Pringy. He reveals a fresh, gourmet and creative cuisine so that you can keep things interesting while enjoying yourself in the French countryside.

To leave the hustle and bustle of the Parisian life, Kevin Kowal and his wife have decided to go green and move to Pringy. He has found a corner of paradise within L’Inédit where he expects to bring a new breath of freshness but filled with love of good food and elegance. For your record, L’Inédit is former Michelin chef Eddy Creuzé’s restaurant. By taking over the place, the chef gave back the Michelin star of the business to try and get it back thanks to his know-how.

L'Inédit by Kévin Kowal à Pringy

Let’s go to Seine-et-Marne then, near Fontainebleau to discover this lovely restaurant that, on sunny days, unveils a quiet and green terrace.

L'Inédit by Kévin Kowal à Pringy

The chef offers us a gourmet cuisine around traditional French dishes. Quality ingredients and revisited dishes, this is what our plates are filled with. Always listening to his local suppliers, Kevin Kowal works hand in hand with his cheese-maker and his truck farmer to always provide the best. So, it’s not rare to see the menu changing according to seasons and the current products, some dishes may be on the menu for a couple of weeks only.

A warm welcome, dishes served under cloche and a meticulous service. Since it’s a gourmet restaurant, let’s start with appetizers blending flavors such as tomato or chorizo.

L'Inédit by Kévin Kowal à Pringy

Note that the restaurant bakes its own bread, which is actually quite rare nowadays.

As a starter, we’ve decided to go for the delicious jumbo shrimp ceviche with passion fruit and topping a bed of fresh celery. The whole is skillfully enhanced with caviar from Aquitaine. My sidekick went for Marie’s tomato flower (Marie being the truck farmer) with basil and crab, what a delight! It was fresh and very pleasant for the eye.

L'Inédit by Kévin Kowal à Pringy

Moving on to main courses, we’ve enjoyed the artichoke-marinated squab and the sumptuous whole blue lobster roasted with lemon-thyme and stuffed raviolis. Seasoned juices full of flavors, perfect and tasty cooking, we feel the Taillevent legacy.

L'Inédit by Kévin Kowal à Pringy

Let’s not skip the cheese trolley displaying a wonderful local range of cheeses.

L'Inédit by Kévin Kowal à Pringy

Ultimately, a wonderful plated dessert as good as surprising. No, it’s not pistachio but peas that perfectly pair with strawberry in this surprising Fraisier Inédit. Homemade sorbet, sponge cake, lemon and strawberries created a joyful mix.

L'Inédit by Kévin Kowal à Pringy

We smoothly wrap it up with a tea or a coffee finely served obviously!

L'Inédit by Kévin Kowal à Pringy

In other words, let’s enjoy a charming meal in a corner of paradise!



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Last updated on 13 June 2018

Practical information

Opening Time
From 13 June 2018 to 30 November 2018



    20 Avenue de Fontainebleau
    77310 Pringy

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