Canal Poké, healthy and original poke bowls

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Published by Manon C. · Photos by Manon C. · Published on 19 December 2018 at 08h15
Japan-inspired poke bowls, sounds yummy, right? You can find them at Canal Poké. Healthy, delicious and hearty bowls served with a nice miso soup before you wrap your meal up with some very nice pastry.

If you thought we already said everything about pokebowls, and especially tasted them all, you were wrong. We’ve found a very nice and friendly table in Paris 10th arrondissement that has just celebrates its 1-year anniversary.

This (good) poke heaven is Canal Poké, rue Bichat. On the menu, ultra-fresh pokes and most of all very original, far from the brands who simply assembly elements. At Canal Poké, fishes are marinated (seabream in passion fruit dressing for instance) and the restaurant offers you to add original and Japanese toppings.

Canal PokéCanal PokéCanal PokéCanal Poké

You can trust the team and order one of the 4 signature pokes. You choose your fish (salmon, tuna, seabream – and tofu for vegetarians) and bam, Canal Poké adds a ton of toppings, the same for all the signature pokes: edamame, cucumber, onions, wakame seaweeds, red cabbage, ginger, avocado, mango, cilantro, sweet soy sauce, garlic-ginger, fried onions, wasabi peas, masago (capelin caviar).

As for the dressing, you can choose between the spicy mayo, a slightly spicy mayonnaise, and the goma sauce, a Japanese sesame sauce, our favorite one. If you hesitate, you can taste them before they season your poke!

And if you feel like adding or removing ingredients in and out of your signature poke, no problem since Canal Poké offers you to create your own poke from A to Z.

Canal PokéCanal PokéCanal PokéCanal Poké

And we have to put it straight: at Canal Poké, bowls are hearty and served along with a delicious miso soup, the fish is super fresh, smooth and roughly diced, homemade juices are jam packed with good things (kiwi/cucumber/apple/ginger; orange/beetroot/apple/ginger; orange/grapefruit/lemon) and prices are super affordable. Allow €14 for a very complete lunch set menu and €16 if you add a dessert!

And speaking of dessert, we recommend you not to forget about them! The slice of carrot cake is huge and perfectly moist, the chocolate chip cookie deliciously tastes like butter and is based on a recipe by Pierre Hermé. So good!

Canal PokéCanal PokéCanal PokéCanal Poké

In other word, the poke bowl trend isn’t about to stop and if you’re looking for authentic and delicious pokes to enjoy in Paris, have a go at Canal Poké to treat your taste buds!

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
From 17 December 2018 to 31 December 2018



    25 Rue Bichat
    75010 Paris 10

    Desserts: €3.5 - €4
    Jus maison: €4
    Poke tofu: €10
    Poke saumon: €11
    Poke daurade: €12
    Poke thon: €12
    Menu midi soupe miso+poke+boisson: €14
    Menu midi soupe miso+poke+boisson+dessert: €16

    Official website

    01 40 34 23 18

    More informations
    Lundi-Vendredi 11h-15h et 19h-23h
    Samedi-Dimanche 11h -23h

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