Michèle, the latest healthy spot in Paris 9th arrondissement

Published by Manon C. · Published on 14 June 2020 at 08h27
Michèle is the latest organic and healthy canteen in Paris 9th arrondissement where you can enjoy sandwiches, bowls and other seasonal soups made on the spot.

Addicts to healthy and organic dishes, a new spot has opened in Paris 9th arrondissement: Michèle. Running this canteen, Michèle who offers nice little fresh, seasonal and mostly organic dishes to enjoy on the go!

No more super long menus with complicated set menus as can be, here the menu is simple and renewed every two days. You can get fresher!

Moreover, everything is cooked on site without additive or preservative, mostly based on organic ingredients such as quinoa, snow peas, flour, Basmati rice, butter, olive oil, eggs, milk, tofu, feta, honey, chocolate, mushrooms, carrots, beetroots, black radishes, squash seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds and chia seeds… And so is bread with natural yeast and organic flour!

A few examples from the menu?

  • Prince de Paris sandwich: Prince de Paris ham served with salad and seasonal vegetables (celery-mayonnaise; broccoli-old-fashioned mustard; avocado-soy sauce flavored mayonnaise; carrot-cilantro…).
  • Vegetarian sandwich: recipes with loads of proteins (for instance; DPO Chavignol goat’s cheese, olive tapenade, fresh thyme, apple, walnuts, squash seeds, sprouted alfalfa, arugula, organic butter, organic olive oil)
  • Cooked sandwich: traditional stew such as veal blanquette, curry coconut chicken, tajine, pot-au-feu, Basque chicken Stroganoff chicken, tarragon chicken…
  • Bowl, vegetarian or meat-based version with a side of hot dish (flan, turnover, samosa, toast…)
  • Soup: based on vegetables or legumes
  • Desserts – very hard to choose: lemon-poppy seed cake, rice pudding and salted butter caramel, far Breton, seasonal fruit crumble, big cookies, seasonal fruit salad…

And of course, vegetarian options are available!

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
From 16 February 2020 to 16 February 2023



    111 Rue du Faubourg Poissonnière
    75009 Paris 9


    Sandwich à partir de: €6.5
    Formule (Plat+Dessert ou Soupe+Eau): €10

    Official website

    More informations
    Ouvert du lundi au vendredi de 11h30 à 16h00

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