Petit Bouillon Vavin, a new and lively bouillon in Montparnasse

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Published by Manon C. · Photos by Manon C. · Published on 29 July 2021 at 16h32
Sticking to the purest tradition of Parisian bouillons, gleefully noisy, Petit Bouillon Vavin opens on boulevard du Montparnasse. On the menu, hearty, invigorating and traditional French recipes fitting all budgets.

On the noisy boulevard du Montparnasse, a new bouillon recently opened. Petit Bouillon Vavin – it is its name – takes us to the fantastic atmosphere of traditional Parisian bouillons where everything goes fast: service – always smiley – and delight on the table. The sound atmosphere first, lively and spineless. Visually as well, with red padded bench seats and tables covered in white and red checkered clothes, modernized with a few vegetal touches.

Open 7 days a week, non-stop from noon to midnight, Petit Bouillon Vavin welcomes Parisians and tourists on bench seats or the big terrace so they can chat about the movie they have just seen at the movie theater close by, or the latest show on the Boulevard.

Bouillon VavinBouillon VavinBouillon VavinBouillon Vavin

Over 160 years after the creation of the first bouillon in Paris, the story goes on for Petit Bouillon Vavin, with the unchanged will to offer foodies and people in a rush to enjoy traditional, hearty and invigorating French recipes at an affordable cost.

Bouillon VavinBouillon VavinBouillon VavinBouillon Vavin

To gladly enjoy, the staple deviled eggs (€2.10) twisted here with truffle oil, or this marrow bone (€3.90) served in the purest of traditions, with a slice of toasted bread and a bit of flaky salt. Or enjoy a creamy andouille gratin with sweet cider (€4.60)!

As for main courses, go for the veal blanquette (€10.80) served in a casserole dish with wild rice. The meat is not too fatty and the sauce not too thick. Offal fans will be delighted to enjoy a hearty veal liver with jus and parsley (€14.50), served with homemade mashed potatoes. To pair with a glass of white wine!

Bouillon VavinBouillon VavinBouillon VavinBouillon Vavin

And it is hard to miss the floating island (€3.10) and the rum baba (€4.20), one is here to treat themselves to traditional, genuine one! Moreover, Petit Bouillon Vavin endeavors to serve homemade, local and fresh, a genuine asset in the world of Parisian bouillons.

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Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
Starts 27 July 2021



    119 Bd du Montparnasse
    75006 Paris 6

    Entrées, à partir de: €2.1
    Desserts, à partir de: €2.8
    Plats, à partir de: €8.6

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