Dante, Rebecca Beaufour’s elegant first restaurant

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Published by Manon C. · Photos by Manon C. · Published on 1 July 2022 at 19h40
Trained by the greatest, chef Rebecca Beaufour opens her first restaurant in Paris, Dante, shining a light on tasty products and sharing.

We knew Dante’s Inferno, but today, let us discover Dante’s heaven, aka Rebecca Beaufour’s first restaurant. Graduated from Ferrandi, the young chef was trained by the most prestigious places, L’Arpège with Alain Passard, La Table de l’Espadon or the Grand Véfour to name a few. She got classic techniques and the will to see the world, to more modern cuisine that yet is kept within the framework.

After coming to A. Noste alongside Julien Duboué, Rebecca Beaufour decided to open Dante, her first restaurant in Paris, in lieu of a former Hotel Amour group venue, in the very lively rue de Paradis in Paris 10th arrondissement.


Here, the chef expresses her vision of cuisine, focusing on sharing, conviviality and love of good and beautiful produces. At the table of this becoming and warm restaurant, sophisticatedly decorated, with the upper floor you can rent for more intimacy, and open-plan kitchen foreshadowing meals under the best auspices, dishes to share or keep to yourselves if you want.

At lunch, get one of the affordable set menus changing weekly (€22 starter/main or main/dessert; €27 starter/main/dessert), or choose among the fifteen sweet and savory choices; the chef recommends at least three per person, each dish costing between €9 and €20.


Enjoy Konro king shrimps (€12), fleshy and spicy piquillos squid (€18), candied pork bao (€12), very cheeky, delicately rare lamb (€20) served with flavored gravy and labneh, chili pata Negra ravioli (€12), gorgeous and colorful seasonal tomatoes (€10) thoroughly burnt and our lunch favorite: gnocchi (€10) with sage butter, very smooth. As for drinks, thoroughly selected natural and biodynamic wines.


As for desserts, enjoy regressive flavors with the red berry pavlova (€11), not too sweet, bitter chocolate profiteroles (€9) and the maritozzi (€9), aka Roman brioche soaked in lemon-vanilla syrup and stuffed with light homemade vanilla whipped cream.

A new table you need to discover!

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
Starts 1 July 2022



    14 Rue de Paradis
    75010 Paris 10

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