Miss Ko, restaurant and bar designed by Starck

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Published by My B. · Published on 12 February 2013 at 18h37
Miss Ko is a place that looks like: a curiosity bar, a trendy store, a gallery, a grocery store, a pastry store, a tea parlor and a restaurant that is now opening in Paris 8th arrondissement. Come along and discover this new Asian cuisine concept in an atypical setting designed by Philippe Starck.

Miss Ko, here’s the new concept of art-restaurant that has opened in Avenue Georges V in Paris 8th arrondissement. Philippe Starck, always fond of novelties and firsts, partners with the place by making his creativity abound.

“Sometimes dreams are hectic, crazy, strange. You wake up different, dazzled by what you just lived, relieved to wake up, sad to not be sure to be able to return. Miss Ko is that, only that, mostly that. A fantasy created from scratch, an exquisite corpse and Asian crazy collage where you hit a distant court of miracles in a street after Blade Runner, where there is an unlimited creative madness, where artists have no barrier, where technology shows an exciting future, where industry becomes art. The David Rochline portrait of the enigmatic Miss Kō reigns over a anarchistic world of cooks yelling through the steam of their preparations, detergent bottles in Wonderland, aquarium frescoes on acid, monstrously large, too-bright teapots. A plethora of incomprehensible signs, perhaps Asian, perhaps not. An exaggeration of news screens and misinformation... Nothing is normal in the world of Miss Kō, not even us. It’s contagious.” Philippe Starck

Miss Ko is the restaurant imagined like the scenario of a unique and phantasmagorical experience. A global work which stage director is Philippe Starck and main heroin is the mysterious Miss Ko. A bar made out of 26-m long screens representing the sharing spirit of the place is the main element of the restaurant. It broadcasts non-stop Asian TV news paced by the coming of a dragon in a video created by Label Dalbin.

On the wall, you discover a monumental fresco that looks like a futurist manga. The fresco has been created by iconoclast artist David Rochline. This “food street” comes to life thanks to the morphing of the Asian faces displayed on the concrete wall that come and complete the magic of the place. All this design created by Philippe Starck is skillfully highlighted by lightning designer Jean-Philippe Bourdon who invites shadows to play extras and plays on the elements that seem to lose all kind of proportion, like this creation by plastic artist Régis-R.

Thought up by Claude Louzon, Miss Ko embodies the genius aspect of the place that opens the doors of its own universe in Paris.

Miss Ko isn’t a simple restaurant, it’s a mix of street-food, art and curiosities, a synthesis between restaurant, canteen, tea parlor, a festive place and an artistic stage. This 500-sqm restaurant aims at being a place of creativity. Each week, artists related to the worlds of cuisine, design and fashion are invited to this Asian canteen to make you discover their art.

As its name suggests it, the cuisine tends to be Japanese with gyozas, sushis and Sashizzas competing with Asian dishes with an European twist. Come and taste flavors from the Far East and the West, cooked by 6 hands thanks to executive chef Fabrice Monot who invited Lina Rodriguez (Bond Street New York, Hachi Las Vegas) and Martin Swift (Nobu Londres).

In short, a new concept likely to please the boldest and most curious foodies among us.

Practical information:
Miss Ko, Food, Art & Curiosités
Opening on February 11, 2013
Open everyday from 12 p.m. to 2 a.m.
Sunday brunch from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.
Phone: +33 (0)1 53 67 84 60

Practical information


49 Avenue George V
75008 Paris 8

Métro Georges V (Ligne 1)

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