The best “Maître Restaurateur” restaurants in Paris

Are you looking for a Maître Restaurateur restaurant in Paris? Modern, gastronomic, local, family and bistronomic cooking… We give you the best Maître-Restaurateur restaurants in Paris.

Today, since quality and transparency are the watchwords, many gourmets are looking for Maître-Restaurateur restaurants.

This title delivered by the State based on an audit conducted by an independent organism at the place’s request. This distinction enables clients to spot the excellent restaurants. It guarantees that the whole menu is homemade based on raw and very fresh ingredients including short circuits.

Today, some 150 establishments are awarded Maître-Restaurateur in the French capital. We give you our best Maître Restauranteur addresses in Paris.

Le Petit Commines – 75003
Monsieur Papounet’s cuisine
A warm and friendly welcome, a menu on the black board, a quiz to discover which whine will accompany your meal and homemade dishes that are creative and sophisticated! Here’s what to expect when you go to restaurant Le Petit Commines, nestled in Paris 3rd arrondissement.

Le Petit Commines : le restaurant bistronomique de Monsieur Papounet

The Place To – 75017
The restaurant thought up like a true place to be
No matter if you come to wake up, relax, have a drink or grab a bite, The Place To will fulfill everything your heart desires and thanks to a friendly concept and a hearty quality cuisine concocted by Chef Pascal Murzeau.

The Place To : le restaurant-bar pensé comme un véritable lieu de vie à Paris

Millésimes 62 – 75014
Bistronomic restaurant in Paris 14th arrondissement
A modern and cozy décor, a gourmet, creative and homemade cuisine, an impeccable and friendly service: here’s the magic recipe offered by Sandrine and Stéphane Savorgnan who run the very good Millésimes 62 restaurant, located in Paris 14th arrondissement.

Millésimes 62 à Paris : cuisine bistronomique et généreuse signée Sandrine et Stéphane Savorgnan

Le Mesturet – 75002
Local cuisine
If you enjoy traditional Parisian bistros, don’t waste time and discover Le Mesturet. Behind this establishment, elected Maître-Restaurateur, hides a generous and authentic cuisine highlighting seasonal and homemade dishes.

Le Mesturet à Paris : cuisine de terroir signée Alain Fontaine

The Petit Marguery Rive Gauche – 75013
Traditional and family cooking
If you are a lover of traditional French cuisine, you should discover the Petit Marguery Rive Gauche in Paris. Offering generous and homemade dishes, this “Maître Restaurateur” Parisian brasserie manages to shake your fine taste buds up!

Petit Marguery Rive Gauche à Paris

L’Escudella – 75007
Modern cuisine
It’s been two years since Maître-Restaurateur Chef Jérôme Laurent and former Top Chef contestant Paul-Arthur Berlan have been fulfilling the taste buds of the inhabitants of Paris 7th arrondissement thanks to their restaurant, L’Escudella.

L'Escudella à Paris : l'Agneau de lait du Poitou en deux services

Les Fous de l’Île – 75004
Gourmet bistrot
Nestled on the Île Saint-Louis, Les Fous de l’Île is a very friendly bistro-like restaurant with a flawless service and offering a delicious, generous, sophisticated, seasonal and homemade cuisine created and cooked by the young chef Anaïs Dutilleul.

Les Fous de l'île : dorade royale

Le Christine – 75006
Gastronomic cuisine
The perfect location in the heart of Paris, a sophisticated decoration where we feel good, a delicious, modern and homemade cuisine cooked by Rémi Poulain: it’s the magic recipe offered by Le Christine so that you can live a unique culinary moment your taste buds are not ready to forget!

Le Christine : Espadon m-cuit

L’Ambassade d’Auvergne – 75003
Auvergne cuisine
Set rue du Grenier Saint-Lazare, L’Ambassade d’Auvergne will delight local lovers. In this 50-year old restaurant, chef Emmerich de Backer promotes Auvergne producers in Paris in the traditional plates but always with delicious products!

Photos du restaurant L'Ambassade d'Auvergne

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Last updated on 9 April 2018

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