The Butte of Montmartre applies for Unesco World Heritage

Published by Graziella L. · Published on 20 September 2021 at 14h46
The Butte of Montmartre is now applying to be part of Unesco World Heritage sites to rekindle the attractiveness of Paris 18th arrondissement and tourism, after the Covid-19 pandemic.

This is official, the Butte of Montmartre is applying to be listed as part of Unesco World Heritage. Led by the town hall, the initiative aims at relaunching tourism and interest of the 18th arrondissement, suffering from its reputation. The attractiveness of the Montmartre village would then enable to shine a light on the entire district.

It is the arrondissement mayor, Eric Lejoindre, who sparked the news of the application, which idea already sparked in 2019. “After almost two years of health crisis, this is a good way and the right time to relaunch the 18th century. There is a real need to the economic players and storekeepers in the 18th, to the attractiveness of the arrondissement”, the told ActuParis. The town hall’s will is to gather all inhabitants, associations and storekeepers of the 18th together to show dynamism and mobilization around the application.

He adds the “goal is to leave from Montmartre, to talk about its contemporary dimension without necessarily celebrating its story but rather its lifestyle, while shining a light on all the neighborhoods of the 18th century. I am rather convinced one of these elements characterizing the Montmartre spirit is this very opening to the others and solidarity”.

The mayor also speaks about preserving the Butte of Montmartre, especially against Airbnb that invaded the area, mostly emptying it from its inhabitants. To be listed as Unesco World Heritage site, one of the criteria is to show cultural interest. Montmartre’s application relies – among others – on the Villa Radet, the artistic heritage, the maquis, plants, and the Montmartre wine… Selection criteria have been discussed with connoisseurs and lovers of the Butte such as the Société du Vieux Montmartre.

And obviously, the Butte of Montmartre, the Basilica of the Sacred Heart and the most beautiful view of Paris are part of the French’s and Parisians’ heritage.

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