What do to on July 14, 2018 in Paris and Île de France with children?

Are you in Paris with your kids on Bastille Day? If so, be rest assured, because we can help you organize a fun family day to celebrate French National Day as it should be!

Are you looking for ideas to plan your July 14, 2018 with your kids in Paris? Sortiraparis unearthed some good ideas to make the best of this bank holiday with children!

Program of Bastille Day 2018 in Paris:

Défilé aérien du 14 juillet 2017 : l'US air Force aux côtés de la Patrouille de FranceMilitary airshow
On July 14, Bastille Day will provide you with a military airshow to be discovered from the Champs-Elysées. The occasion to attend the all-time ceremonies of the national day and pay homage to the air forces.


La vidéo du feu d'artifice de Paris 2014Bastille Day fireworks in Paris
Bastille Day highlight is the famous fireworks at the Eiffel Tower. This pyrotechnics show, both spectacular and magical, brings delight and pride to Parisians. Discover now the musical programming!

Ouverture des parcs d'attractionThe best theme parks in Paris and its surroundings
What if you enjoy this day off to discover one of the many theme parks and other funfairs in Paris and its surroundings?  

Le Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte présente les Jeux de la Fontaine : Gagnez vos places !Vaux-le-Vicomte château presents: Entertainment by Jean de la Fontaine
Vaux-le-Vicomte château pays homage to the fable teller, Jean de la Fontaine and offers a whole range of family activities focused on Nicolas Fouquet’s dear friend. Games and riddles linked to la Fontaine’s writing will lead you and your family to the discovery of unusual places of the château and some have even been inaccessible to the public until now!

les musées ouverts le 17 mai 2012Swimming pools open on July 14, 2018
Feel like going for a swim on Bastille Day? Find here and now which swimming pools are open on Bastille Day so that you can cool off. 

Museums and monuments open on July 14, 2018
July 14, 2018 is Bastille Day, French National Day. On this bank holiday, several museums and monuments are open, so you can make the most of it to know more about French history!

Of course, this July 14, we go spend a lovely evening watching the fireworks. Some programs are more suited to children, here’s a selection of good ideas to entertain the whole family:

July 14, 2018 at Le Jardin Suspendu: ball, airshow, ball for kids and fireworks
What if we celebrated the French national Day high in the sky? Head to Le Jardin Suspendu rooftop to live at the pace of a ball, an airshow, a party for kids and adults and a 360° view on the Paris fireworks!

Bastille Day fireworks from La Défense Grande Arche rooftop
Freshly opened to the public, La Défense Grande Arche rooftop is already seen as one of the best spot to admire the Ile-de-France. This Saturday July 14, 2018, perched 110 meters above the ground, attend the spectacular show.

Bastille Day fireworks 2018 at Disneyland Paris
On Saturday July 14, 2018, why not going to Disneyland Paris to enjoy a long and fun day? After the attractions, let’s not miss the pyrotechnics show around the Sleeping Beauty’s castle that compete with the most beautiful Bastille Day fireworks. In other words, a lovely idea to spend Bastille Day with the kids.

Have you found something for Bastille day?

To know what to do in Paris on Bastille day, check our other guides:

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