Figue et Olive: the Italian-Tunisian restaurant in Paris

Published by Tatiana D. · Published on February 26, 2018 at 07:19 p.m.
At Figue et Olive, everything is in the name! you’re offered a cuisine mixing Tunisian and Italian specialties… Rush to Paris 5th arrondissement for a complete Mediterranean meal!

How about a tasty Mediterranean cuisine? And above all organic? We’ve got you covered! It’s Figue et Olive, a small but very cozy restaurant set in the lovely Port Royal neighborhood… Here, a wonderful blend of Italian dishes and Tunisian flavors awaits you.

As a starter, have your heart set on the egg briks pastry of the DOP Mozzarella di Buffala, a Tunisian plate or some fresh squid… For the main course, the choice is wide: quiches, scrambled eggs, fresh pastas, lasagnas, as well as an Odja tajine, beef merguez, couscous, vegetable chekchouka… We told you, the blend is just full of flavor!


In terms of sweet treats, the dessert menu features tiramisus, Dolce Siciliani with almond cream, Tunisian cream and the famous Bambalouni, these Tunisian fritters really hard to find in Paris:


So, here’s a wonderful idea if you don’t know what to choose between Italian or Tunisian cuisine, no more dilemma, Figue et Olive expects you… Oh, and please note that you definitely can enjoy yourself too if you eat gluten-free or if you’re a vegan! Well, it’s a restaurant for everyone!

Practical information


44 Rue Pierre Nicole
75005 Paris 5

Desserts: €3 - €7
Entrées: €7 - €13
Plats: €16 - €25

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