Riv'K, Israeli inspired restaurant - Temporarily closed, change of address

Published by Manon de Sortiraparis · Photos by Manon de Sortiraparis · Published on December 19th, 2023 at 03:42 p.m.
The Riv'K restaurant on Montmartre Hill offers Israeli cuisine with a focus on world spices, and a menu that changes frequently. One famous dessert, however, is always present: Riv'K's unmissable French toast. And now, at lunchtime, you'll find devilishly generous sandwiches!

Located on the Butte Montmartre, the Riv'K restaurant offers Israeli cuisine , where spices from around the world take center stage, enlivening meat, fish and vegetarian dishes. In the kitchen, chef Rivka, who has worked with Christian Constant and Cyril Lignac, imagines a cuisine inspired by Israel and Asia, drawing on her own roots as well as her many travels in Asia.

Before discovering Riv'K's inescapable French toast , which has made the Maison's reputation among sweet tooths for many years and which we'll tell you about in a few lines, we moved on to the savoury side of things.

Riv'K - DécorationRiv'K - DécorationRiv'K - DécorationRiv'K - Décoration

And rather than wait until the end of the meal to go for Rivka's timeless brioche, we decided to opt for the brioche version of fricassé, generously topped with spicy chakchouka, tuna ventrèche, a soft-boiled egg, olives, candied Beldi lemons and harissa to spice things up. A sandwich bursting with flavor, it's a feast for the taste buds as well as the eyes - and the table service is a most attractive shade of blue.

The good news this autumn is that the menu now includesa sandwich and a drink (€14.50), with a choice of the sandwich of the day (on this day, the fricassé) or the French toast sandwich with chakchouka.

Riv'K - Sandwich fricasséRiv'K - Sandwich fricasséRiv'K - Sandwich fricasséRiv'K - Sandwich fricassé

For a maximum of flavors from elsewhere, we also turn to the sabich (22.50€), a cult sandwich from Israeli cuisine that had already won us over at Dizen, well-dressed on a nice slice of French toast, with hummus, eggplant, soft-boiled egg and salad, all accompanied by roasted potatoes, onions and tahini. A nice overview of what the cuisines of the Middle East have to offer, all on one plate.

Other guilty pleasures include the korokkés (14€), potato croquettes with beef and satay, covered in a delicious tonkatsu sauce - this is where we recognize the multiple inspirations of the chef; the fried halloumi (14€) to be dipped in your choice of sweetness (a mint tahini sauce) or heat (a pili-pili sauce that sends); but also the homemade walnut bread.

Riv'K - Sandwich sabichRiv'K - Sandwich sabichRiv'K - Sandwich sabichRiv'K - Sandwich sabich

Of course, as we mentioned earlier, you can't leave Riv' K without trying the chef's famous French toast, available here with yuzu sorbet, baklava, orange blossom and pistachio, spread or bambalouni. And yet... with no room in our stomachs, we left the restaurant's terrace without going through the sweet section; what a pity!

Riv'K - Korokkés boeuf tonkatsuRiv'K - Korokkés boeuf tonkatsuRiv'K - Korokkés boeuf tonkatsuRiv'K - Korokkés boeuf tonkatsu

Riv'K remains one of Montmartre's finest addresses. And we're not the only ones to think so, since the address is also home to a certain Jean-Pierre Jeunet, none other than the director of Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain!

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