La Tarte Tropézienne comes to Paris

Published by Jonathan P. · Photos by My B. · Published on 6 February 2014 at 14h44
Brigitte Bardot's favorite tart, coming straight from Saint-Tropez Tarte, comes to Paris. "La Tarte Tropézienne", the famous pastry-shop from Saint-Tropez, opened a branch in Paris this summer, bringing us the warmth and sweetness of the South. You wouldn't want to miss this new Parisian boutique and its star pastry, made with a unique know-how and expertise.

La Tarte Tropézienne (the Tart from Saint-Tropez), it's a long story ... It all started in 1955 when Alexandre Micka opened his bakery in the streets of Saint-Tropez, where he offered a famous cake cream recipe taken from a grandmother (the governmental nuclear codes are probably not as fiercely guarded as the secret of this recipe).

As the Saint Tropez town became more and more famous, with cinema industry and superstars coming to town, the cream brioche started gaining notoriety. During the shooting of Roger Vadim's And God Created Woman, the entire film crew started eating the pastry. Amongst them, Brigitte Bardot, who suggested a name for this delicacy : "La Tarte de Saint-Tropez" (The Saint-Tropez Tart).

The legend of the Tarte Tropézienne was thus born. When eating a pie today, one has a sense of travelling through time and distance.

Many have tried, but none has managed to copy or match the recipe of the Tarte Tropézienne. This specialty with its flavored cream and sprinkled sugar, is still baked in the most absolute secret, with traditional manufacturing methods - including cooking in a copper pot. It is a unique pastry that you definitely wouldn't want to miss!

It is therefore in its original form that you can find it today in the new Parisian "La Tarte Tropézienne" shop, recently opened around Saint-Germain des Près. You can also fall for more "fruity" versions - with strawberries or raspberries - in various sizes (you can even eat a pie in just one bite, thanks to the Baby Trop').

Apart from the famous Tarte Tropézienne and its variations, the brand offers a new gourmet range named les spécialités tropéziennes ("the specialties from Saint Tropez") which gives a new twist to classic pastries by adding the legendary Tarte Tropézienne cream pie. You can finally taste a "tropézien" éclair or mille feuille.

In short, don't think twice before going to try out La Tarte Tropézienne, especially if you've never had the opportunity to go to Saint-Tropez. Whether or not you've been to Saint-Trop', the shop is worth your while, as it brings to Paris a bit of Saint-Tropez. Wouldn't want to miss that!

Practical information:
La boutique de la Tarte Tropézienne à Paris 
Address: 3 rue de Montfaucon 75006 PARIS

Opening hours : to be announced
Rates : € 5.5 Tropézienne individual pie | € 1.7 Baby Trop' | € 23 Tropézienne tart for 4 people.
Officiel website of La Tarte Tropézienne

Practical information


3 Rue de Montfaucon
75006 Paris 6

Métro Mabillon ou Métro Saint Germain-des-près

Baby Trop': €1.7
tarte Tropézienne individuelle: €5.5
tarte Tropézienne 4 pers.: €23

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