Maison Burger Ponthieu

MAISON, the place to be for homemade burgers launches its 3rd restaurant in rue de Ponthieu, Paris 8th arrondissement. If you find yourself hanging around the Champs-Elysées, you should go there to have a treat!

MAISON Burger, we’ve talked about it here and there. It’s a place that offers tasty, gourmet burgers, to eat on your own or to share thanks to mini burgers. After seducing Odeon, the brand opened another eatery in the 6th arrondissement, and MAISON is now storming the 8th arrondissement by setting in rue de Ponthieu, a street parallel to the Champs-Elysées.

At lunchtime, for lunch break, before a night out in a nice bar, or in apero-time version, the time will meet all your needs. Push the door and discover a welcoming and laid-back atmosphere where mural shelves, plants and industrial lights create the decorum.

MAISON Burger Ponthieu

Like the other 2, we find simple but delicious burgers. Go for the Classic with its sundried tomatoes and fried red onions, the Signature with its pancetta and its candied shallots and fresh herbs, the Poulet [Chicken] pulled with bacon and wholegrain mustard dressing with rosemary, or the tasty Barbecue with avocado and Mimolette cheese.

MAISON Burger Ponthieu

MAISON Burger Ponthieu

We still love the Veggie version that combines marinated and breaded tofu, shitake, snow peas, perilla and yakitori condiment. Even me, who loves a good eat, I love it. While big eaters will go for the oh-so tasty French fries loaded with cheese, while reasonable ones will order the raw veggies served with lemony and cardamom whipped cream.

MAISON Burger Ponthieu

Not feeling like eating a burger? Go for a gourmet salad. The Easy Green with its mangetouts, runner beans, broccolis and fresh goat’s cheese mousse. The Tenders Lovers with carrot-beetroots-cherry tomatoes-red radish and mesclun, the Avocado Rocket with quinoa-arugula-apple straws and herbs or the Fish & Chips.

MAISON Burger Ponthieu

For an appetizer party, we go for the mini version, easy to share and nibble on. We add a bit of guacamole and the party goes even crazier!

MAISON Burger Ponthieu

Please note that MAISON offers lovely homemade cocktails and drinks to wash it all down. Iced tea, fresh mix or even lemonade await you.

MAISON Burger Ponthieu

And no meal is complete without a dessert, enjoy a sweet treat to end on a flawless note and leave with your belly full.

MAISON Burger Ponthieu

How about having a tasty burger and a gourmet salad?

Practical information:
MAISON Burger Ponthieu
20 rue de Ponthieu
Burgers and main courses: €12
Side dishes: €3
Mini burgers: €6 for 2
Lunchtime set menu with burger of your choice, side dish and drink for €15

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Last updated on 7 June 2017

Practical information


20 Rue de Ponthieu
75008 Paris 8

M°Franklin Roosevelt

accompagnements: 3 €
Burgers & co: 12 €
formule midi: 315 €

Recommended age
For all

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