Anahi, the place to be for lovers of exceptional meats

Anahi is an institution likely to last over time. Located 49 Rue Volta, the restaurant is known by food lovers for decades. It used to be a butcher’s shop before becoming a more or less successful meat restaurant in the 80s. In April 2017, the restaurant gets a second wind with Riccardo Giraudi and his exceptional meats. To (re)discover asap!

Look up Anahi’s ceiling if you want to understand that the place has a soul. They tried everything to enhance meat. Used earthenware, fresco and a ceiling decorated with animals that bring us back to the time when the butcher supplied the local inhabitants with the best meats around. Time has stopped, the will to serve remained untouched.

Anahi, restaurant argentin

Every day, Gabriele Faiella and his team treat about thirty meat lovers come to taste exceptional meats. At the helm of several restaurants across the planet, he is known to import some culinary gems.

In Anahi’s cold rooms, we find filet mignon and Black Angus fillet from Argentina (grass-fed), ribeye, ribeye caps, bavettes and Black Angus picanha (grain-fed for 270 days), Black Angus skirt steak from the US sprinkled with chopped parsley (grain-fed for 120 days), a signature cut of Wagyu Kagoshima beef and cereal-fed for 900 days.

Anahi, restaurant argentin - petit filet

Meats are enhanced with a perfect charcoal cooking and mashed potatoes as a side dish, lemon-flavored mashed potatoes that offers a tasty sourness, chimichurri-flavored mashed potatoes (Argentinian herbs) or jalapeño-flavored mashed potatoes, a very spicy version but that will unblock your sinus cavity. These various mashed potatoes are here to bring a whole new level of experience!

Once we’ve chosen our meats, we are curious about the choice of tapas.

Crispy Angus beef empanadas perfect with a chimichurri sauce and revisited patatas bravas with Kobe bacon, guacamole with Kobe bacon… At Anahi, meat is present everywhere (and why not?).

Anahi, restaurant argentin - tapas

And between the lines, the smoked Kobe beef ham said to be a world exclusive, is a very rare luxury at €40 for 10 slices (yes, please!) but it certainly is a special discovery. Let’s break the piggy bank for once and have a rare quality meat that is almost translucent because of the fat, and a very surprising taste but delicious. A wonderful discovery to renew with the meat lovers you want to impress!

Anahi, restaurant argentin - jambon de boeuf de Kobé

After such a feast, we’re not hungry but the staff made our mouths water with the chocolate soufflé for two, an easy-to-eat treat. Our love for good food tells us it’s a folly. We order the dessert without realizing that it was served in a whole casserole dish! We remove the top crust and we discover a chocolate fondant to eat with a pepper-flavored ice cream, delicious!

Anahi, restaurant argentin  - soufflé au cacao

Practical information:
Website: Anahi (website in French)
Address: 49 rue Volta, 75003 Paris
Opening hours: every day from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.
Rates: tapas from €16 to €40, meats from €27 to €59 and desserts from €9 to €14

Elodie D.
Last updated on 10 August 2017

Practical information


49 Rue Volta
75003 Paris 3

M° Temple

les desserts: 9-14 €
les entrées: 16-40 €
les viandes: 27-59 €

Recommended age
From 15 years old

Average duration
2 h

Official website

More information
Horaires : 19h-23h tous les jours

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