Le Caulaincourt, the music restaurant that rocks Paris 18th arrondissement

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Published by Manon C. · Published on 27 April 2018 at 15h42 · Updated on 27 April 2018 at 16h45
Perched on the heights of Paris 18th arrondissement, Le Caulaincourt expects to shake up the Lamarck Caulaincourt neighborhood with a surprising concept. A delicious restaurant and a music bar too, Le Caulaincourt has everything to delight us. On the menu: fresh, seasonal and quality products. And the lineup: DJ sets two Thursdays a month. A successful bet.

Le Caulaincourt restaurant, the latest restaurant opened in Paris 18th arrondissement is born thanks to the meeting of Guillaume, Paul and Sophie. After opening Le Distrait in the 2nd arrondissement in 2016 which is a wine, cocktail and tapas bar, the two buddies throw themselves in Le Caulaincourt adventure, later joined by Sophie.

Nestled on the heights of Paris 18th arrondissement, Le Caulaincourt is a hybrid place, a restaurant and a music bar at the same time. The perfect place for anyone who would hesitate between the two options! The place has been built on this rather unique concept since it covers two areas: one for dinner, one for having a drink and dance. But the boundaries are thin and it’s not rare to see clients dancing in the restaurant part later in the night.

From the raw material décor to the plates that have been carefully selected, everything reflects taste and we feel at ease. Let’s talk about the cooking! Here, everything is fresh, seasonal and homemade. Quality products are selected by chef Julien Gasperi (trained at Le Sergent Recruteur, Les Fauves, La Maison Bleue and Le Poincaré) by small producers, in small circuit for the greatest respect of the consumer.

Le Caulaincourt 18e Le Caulaincourt 18e Le Caulaincourt 18e Le Caulaincourt 18e

Set in the veranda open onto the street, a cocktail in hand (Lamarck or Caulaincourt, both cocktails are delicious and pay homage to the quarter), we look at the menu with greed and we have our hearts set on the truffled gouda (€6) that is one of the 4 starters to share. This gouda is so good that we better say it now, you may not want to share it with your friends!

Then, we’re served a leaping African mullet ceviche (€8) marinated in Leche de Tigre (a marinade coming straight from Southern-America): an ultra-fresh and perfectly seasoned dish with its pomegranate seeds that explode in the mouth. We also let ourselves go for another starter: a crab and avocado cannelloni (€11) topped with lovely edible flowers. A diligent and spring plating that definitely reminded us of Monet’s Water Lilies.

Le Caulaincourt 18e Le Caulaincourt 18e Le Caulaincourt 18e Le Caulaincourt 18e

A pig secreto (€19) served with mashed Agria potatoes and a pink veal haunch (€25) and its butternut purée come to our table and both are super soft. Hats off to the condiments, wild garlic for the pig and apricot and tarragon compote for the veal, that manage to enhance dishes that are already “out of category”.

A revisited Sicilia lemon pie (€8) and a generous chocolate mousse (€9) sprinkled with peanuts come to close this delicious meal.

Le Caulaincourt 18e Le Caulaincourt 18e Le Caulaincourt 18e Le Caulaincourt 18e

Please note that twice a month, on Thursday, Le Caulaincourt holds music events by inviting DJs and small groups. Acid Arab duet and DJ Gilb’r collaborator Shadi already performed there. On May 3, 2018, it’s Namek Records’ turn to go behind the turntables and on May 17, La Horde band. The idea here is simple: breaking the codes by popularizing good food and good sound.

So, if you feel like listening to good music or maybe dancing, enjoying very fresh cocktails or eating good food, Le Caulaincourt is THE cool place to be that will be all your needs. We tell you: it’s a success!

Practical information

Opening Time
From 26 April 2018 to 29 December 2018



    62 Rue Caulaincourt
    75018 Paris 18

    Entrées à partager: 6-8 €
    Entrées: 8-11 €
    Desserts: 8-9 €
    Cocktails: 10 €
    Plats: 12-25 €
    Formule midi: Entrée/Plat ou Plat/Dessert: 18 €
    Formule midi : Entrée/Plat/Dessert: 20 €

    Official website

    01 42 59 42 55

    More informations
    Du mardi au vendredi 12h-14h et 19h-02h
    Le samedi 19h-02h

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