Riz Riz: new restaurant dedicated to rice in all its forms!

Riz Riz is the first concept of restaurant devoted to rice, to be enjoyed in all its forms! In the heart of the Marais neighborhood, in a clean setting, come and discover this food that is available in each and every world’s cuisine.

Here’s for rice lovers!
A new restaurant has just opened at 221 rue Saint-Martin in the Marais neighborhood where rice rules the place: Riz Riz!

Behind the curtain of this project, three friends who wanted a clean and light setting to give this little grain pride of place!

We must say we can find it in every world’s cuisine: from the Italian arancini to the Thai curry without forgetting the Japanese onigiri or even the irresistible French dessert, rice pudding.

Riz Riz : nouveau restaurant dédié au riz sous toutes ses formes !

This explains why these three buddies wanted to give it a special place.
100% vegetal and 100% gluten-free, it’s available in several recipes, from the most traditional one to the most contemporary one.
This is why, on the menu, you have mezze bowls to share (€8/12) with mini mushroom arancini, homemade hummus with zucchinis and oven-grilled eggplants or onigiris with 2 pestos (€7).

Riz Riz : un restaurant dédié au riz !

Then, the irresistible and healthy poke bowl (asparagus & tempura tofu with black rice, eggplant caviar & spring onions with Espelette pepper, €13), or if you’re more into something original, the Sushi donut (two ellipses of Japanese rice topping nori, served with a homemade salad & the house famous secret dressing, €13), or the Dragon Curry with Hom Mali rice coated in a real green vegetable curry (€12.5).
You can also go for a dessert such as the rice pudding and berries (€5.50) or the banana bread.

Riz Riz : un restaurant dédié au riz !

If you’re a rice lover, pop in Riz Riz offering you a gourmet and balanced break without you breaking the bank!

Candice L.
Last updated on 25 June 2018

Practical information


221 Rue Saint-Martin
75003 Paris 3

M° Etienne Marcel

Les desserts: 5-6 €
Les entrées: 6-8 €
Les plats: 13-14 €

Official website

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