Polichinelle by Christophe Michalak and Steve Burggraf opens

Christophe Michalak and Steve Burggraf came up with a place where vegetable is king, where cooking follows the seasons, is local and delicious, the whole served on a buffet. It’s called Polichinelle and it opens on September 13, 2019!

Christophe Michalak and Steve Burggraf have thrown themselves into a new project and are opening Polichinelle this Friday September 13, 2019 and it will give them luck, for sure!

The pastry chef and Big Fernand founder have teamed up to create a new “genre buffet”. Together they have asked themselves very relevant questions: “Why is a buffet rarely tasty, generally badly presented or, sometimes, too expensive?”, “Why officially vegetarian tables lack some appeal?”, “How could we offer a vegetable repertoire that even the biggest meat lovers wouldn’t be able to resist, and without breaking the bank?”

From these thoughts, they drew a promise: a seasonal, local, green and tasty cuisine delivered on a buffet within Hôtel Yooma in the Beaugrenelle neighborhood.

The 130-seat place has been created to house large tables for friends or families inside. Outside, gourmets will enjoy the chefs’ tasty dishes on a large 70-seat terrace including views on the Eiffel Tower.

On the menu, vegetables in all their shapes and sizes, but no meat nor fish: stuffed tomatoes, gratins, pasta, roast vegetables, crispy zucchini flower fritters with fourme d’Ambert cheese, risottos…

As for the desserts, you’ll have floating island with caramel cream and crushed nougatine, tart by the meter, ice cream melba style in the summer, with whipped cream in the winter and even steamed meringues.

Moving on to cocktails, trust world’s cocktail champion 2016 Jennifer Le Néchet and her cocktails made with French alcohols, fresh vegetables and herbs directly picked on the rooftop where stands the biggest urban kitchen garden in France.

In other words, a place we’re looking forward to discovering!

Manon C.
Last updated on 9 September 2019

Practical information

Opening Time
From 13 September 2019 to 13 September 2020



    51 Quai de Grenelle
    75015 Paris 15

    Recommended age
    For all

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