Granite, Tom Meyer’s restaurant aiming at the stars

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Published by Manon C. · Photos by Manon C. · Published on 24 January 2022 at 11h09
Tom Meyer recently opened his first restaurant in Paris, Granite, surrounding himself with Stéphane Manigold and Anthony Chenoz for the pastry part. A new restaurant soon to be awarded their first star in a few weeks.

Young chef Tom Meyer has just opened his very first restaurantGranite – in Paris first arrondissement. This new restaurant has become the new heart-throb of gourmets and is likely to be awarded their first Michelin star in a few weeks.

Trained by Philippe Rochat and Anne-Sophie Pic, Taitinger winer, Bocuse d’Or runner-up, the 28-year-old chef from Jura opens his first table in partnership with Stéphane Manigold (SubstanceContrasteLiquide) with the will to invent a place for living gastronomy based on produces coming from committed and demanding producers and artisans mostly based in Île-de-France and practicing fair pricing, complying with the environment.


For Granite – covering three stories – Tom Meyer, Stéphane Manigold and architect Michel Amar have opted for a relaxed and bright décor where the exposed beam and vaults rub shoulders with contemporary armchairs, wood paneling and marble. To delight Parisians and tourists, the chef has hired Anthony Chenoz for pastry – who worked at the Saint-James and Lucas-Carton – and Julien Mascarell for sommellerie (wine waiting) with a list of fine wines reenchanting wines from Burgundy, Champagne, Rhone, Alsace, Savoie and Languedoc.


Gourmet and contempory, sensitive and inventive, Tom Meyer's cuisine is to be discovered through several menus in 5 courses (€95) or 7 courses (€125), or through a lunch menu, lighter and more affordable (€58). To get to grips with this culinary encounter and discover what Tom Meyer is made of, we went for one 5-course menu and a 7-course menu, in which dishes are slightly different.

After the three appetizers served as small portions of what makes the chef's inventiveness, we are delighted by the squash, acacia seed mousse, and Pale Ale, citrus grilled persimmon; the charcoal-cooked scallop, smoked turnip veil, hogweed and beurre blanc dill; the pigeon from Racan, green curry and Kaffir lime; or even the gnocchi with runny heart, shells and Vietnamese cilantro.


Another great discovery, this triple cream Brillat Savarin, black truffle, strong Nikka whisky, hazelnut; as well as pastry chef Anthony Chenoz's desserts swinging between softness (modern rice pudding, sour apple with yellow wine), scrumptiousness (triple leaves chocolate, sea fennel, yuzu and cocoa), and lightness (citrus fruits, basil sorbet, jasmine vinaigrette).

Everything is understandable, beautiful and tasty, generous on the plate and the service, with views on the open-plan kitchen and where magic happens. A first and brilliant restaurant on which we bet: they will definitely be rewarded by the Michelin Guide 2022.

This test has been carried out as part of a business invitation. If your experience is different from ours, please let us know in the comments.

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
Starts 24 January 2022



    6 Rue Bailleul
    75001 Paris 1

    Official website

    01 40 13 64 06

    More informations
    Du lundi au vendredi au déjeuner de 12h30 à 13h30 et au dîner de 19h30 à 21h30

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